Over the past couple of years, the message that the energy sector must reach net zero has gone mainstream. The oil and gas industry has reached a unique inflection point between continued fossil fuel development to provide affordable, reliable energy and investment, technology, and the government sprinting towards a clean-energy economy at the same time. 


Achieving net zero is not the end of the reliance on fossil fuels, it simply means the industry must offset all emissions through technologies that capture carbon emissions before they are released into the air, or by introducing additional future energy technologies.

This workshop will provide the attendee an introduction and fundamental understanding of key future energy technologies and how these technologies influence the energy transition today and in the future.  The goal of the workshop will be to provide engineers and managers with a future energy roadmap that will allow them to navigate through the energy transition. 




Reservoir, completion, and production engineers and Geoscientists who may be interested in transitioning into this future energy space or whose respective employers are actively evaluating or planning to engage in future energy technologies. 


Management personnel whose respective employers are currently developing strategies to decarbonize and are evaluating future energy technologies.