About the Workshop

This workshop will focus first on best practices — field practices, as well as the analysis, interpretation, and modelling methodologies relevant for wells in unconventional reservoirs.  This workshop will include new and emerging theories/models for time-rate and time-rate-pressure performance, new methods for data analysis and integration (including "statistical" or "data analytics" methods), as well as statistical and analytical methods for addressing multi-well performance data.  Other applications include best practices for PTA and RTA, as well as time-rate or "decline curve analysis" (DCA).

The next focus will be on field cases — generally along the lines of specific plays (Delaware Basin, Midland Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, Marcellus/Utica/Point Pleasant Shales, Montney Shale, Horn River Shale, Laird Basin, etc.).  The field case section will constitute approximately1/2 of the workshop content, and will largely be focused on operator case studies.  Specific emphasis will be on issues that operators prioritize — e.g., choke/drawdown management, GOR (and WOR) evolution and issues regarding gas production forecasting, "fracture-driven-interactions" ("frac-hits"), and challenges with so-called "parent-child" well interactions (specifically well spacing and issues with legacy ("parent") wells).