The energy transition is happening, intelligent production systems are changing oil and gas operations, and the pandemic has changed how and where we work.  We are educating engineers that are entering this industry in this rapidly changing landscape. 


The workshop is a joint effort of the SPE Education & Accreditation Committee & the Petroleum Engineering Department Heads Association (PEDHA).

This workshop will address how these changes are causing threats in recruiting, educating, and retaining petroleum engineers for the future. The workshop will also confront these challenges and create a roadmap for petroleum programs and curriculum to meet these challenges head-on and to succeed in this new environment.


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Energy Transition, Its Impacts, and How Petroleum Engineering Departments are Addressing the Transition

Attracting Students and Retaining Engineers

Preparing Petroleum Engineers for the Transition

Future of Petroleum Engineering Departments


Petroleum engineering faculty, especially department/committee chairs that influence undergraduate/graduate curriculum

Representatives from oil and gas companies who recruit and/or train new petroleum engineering graduates

Representatives from federal agencies involved in the energy transition

Petroleum engineers who want to contribute to the energy transition as it impacts petroleum engineering education



Chance to discuss the challenges faced during the energy transition with colleagues, federal agencies, and curriculum decision-makers.

Opportunity to develop solutions to the dilemmas caused by changing work environments and the impacts from the energy transition.


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