As our industry pivots to new energy – the renewables and battery, the expectation spotlight on materials technology has only increased. Wind power, for example, requires lightweight, high strength, high stiffness, fatigue resistant, damage-tolerant composites for wind blades.

Hence it is timely to organize this workshop to bring together leaders in the development of materials suited to the extreme environments in energy production.

The topics covered will include polymers and polymer processing, corrosion-resistant materials, additive manufacturing, sensors and nanomaterials.



With oil and gas wells built to ever-increasing depth along with the increase in autonomous operations, we are constantly raising our material performance expectations.

Material morphology is being challenged by needs for miniaturization and higher sub-assembly density.

Unrelenting focus on safety and cost-efficiency of our upstream-midstream operations pivots on constant advances in materials technology. Often the high temperature – high pressure – cyclic and fatigue mechanical performance forms the backbone. Other times, it is the chemical and corrosive resistance, or the tribological and coatings performance, or the sensory and electrochemical properties. Often multiple dimensions are balanced for a given application. 


What Can You Expect at an SPE Workshop?


Peers facing similar business and technology challenges
Connections with specialised E&P experts

Intensive learning in a short period of time

Highly focused technical topics


Collaborative learning experience