The third tight gas workshop being held in Oman promises to bring relevant technical and industry challenges to discuss in an open forum with leading experts. Exploitation and development of tight gas reservoirs have seen new industry considerations, as sustainability and the use of digital technologies become relevant to future operations. At the same time, discussions will include long standing challenges such as reducing uncertainties in petrophysical and geomechanical models to difficulty breaking down deeper formations, as well as managing the gas with substantial water production.

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A panel session is planned for discussing the energy security and energy landscape in future 10 years within the region. Breakout sessions will focus on best practices and overall full cycle planning. Keynote talks include regional analogues and comparison of geology, regional trends on stimulation, North America and Asia example comparisons.


Statistics from the 2019 edition of the workshop*

95.1% of the attendees would recommend the workshop to others in their field

100% of the attendees rated the technical content as good to excellent

*based on the 2019 attendee survey


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