While big discoveries and major new developments deservedly grab the headlines, mature fields are the backbone of global oil and gas production. Revitalising these fields extends their productive lives and offers significant opportunities to expand worldwide production.

The discovery rate for giant fields has declined remarkably in the last few decades. Currently, most of the giant fields in production are categorised as mature fields. Two-thirds of the world’s daily oil production comes from mature fields and further development entails new and economically viable techniques and proper reservoir management strategies. Additionally, data visualisation and analysis with improvements in oilfield technology and a wealth of oil field data acquired throughout the life of a mature field plays a critical role in guiding mature oil field secondary and tertiary recovery, whether it’s identifying infill drilling candidates to exploit bypassed oil, workover candidates, or EOR strategies.




Dr. Manas Kumar Sharma
Director (Exploration & Development)
Oil India Limited



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However, it is thought that only about 35% of the oil in the ground is actually recovered using conventional methods, leaving 65% or more behind. With an estimated average of 2% increase in recovery equating to around a year’s worth of world demand, then it is clear that maximising production from existing or mature fields would have a key role to play in future energy supply. The economic case is equally strong, extending production and prolonging the payback from existing facilities increases return on capital and with the necessary planning and management we can ensure long-term competitive production.



To provide a platform for energy experts to share and discuss the best practices and challenges related to generating resilient and sustainable energy strategies

To promote common understanding of challenges facing achieving resilient and sustainable energy strategies

To provide networking and collaboration opportunities for participants from different sectors; government, private, academia, investors, service providers, etc.

This workshop will provide a platform to bring together eminent energy professionals, researchers, and thought leaders to assimilate knowledge around the globe to brainstorm discuss strategies to increase recovery/production with cost-effective strategies from mature fields. It will lead to better understanding, collaboration, and improved decision-making for increasing recoverability while keeping risks and costs to a minimum.



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