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Refracturing creates highly attractive opportunities to use existing wellbores for additional hydrocarbon recovery without having to drill a new well. Within a given field, the completion techniques typically evolve leaving many wells with stranded volumes of commercial hydrocarbons. Re-entry and re-stimulation is an approach that has been successful for many operators. 


Refracturing parent wells has also become a valuable option for mitigating the negative impacts of fracturing interaction from infill wells or child wells. The potential for improving the performance of the infill well can result from addressing depleted reservoirs with refracturing applications.  

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Workshop Topics

Selection process for refracturing candidates

Deployment techniques and intervention requirements 

Frac Interaction Mitigation 

Diagnostics and surveillance 

Future/Emerging Technologies

Zonal isolation and chemical/mechanical diversion 

Refracture stimulation design and modeling 


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