As the world is rapidly transitioning to a new energy system; Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely used in the industry to drive efficiency and value generation. Integrating AI with domain knowledge and having an integrated approach will unlock the business outcomes that the industry is expecting from AI.


This workshop objective is to share cross-functional expertise, knowledge, and science in the AI domain. It will provide a platform to showcase ground-breaking innovations and key enablers for successful digital transformation. It will also facilitate networking and skill building through first-hand interactions with peers, experts, and industry leaders.




All the major oil companies are adopting AI/ML technologies to transform their business’s to be ready for Energy 4.0. Attending the course will provide the audience with the required AI/ML knowledge to contribute actively to the digital transformation of the energy industry.



AI/ML use in the energy landscape 

AI/ML for methane emissions and control

AI/ML for subsurface, AI accelerating exploration and development workflows

AI/ML for renewables: reducing the hydrogen and renewable generation costs

AI/ML for decarbonisation: predicting carbon emissions and evaluation of impact of decarbonisation initiatives

AI/ML DevOps: Best practice in developing no code/low code AI/ML solutions using SageMaker

AI/ML for optimised operations: AI for operations efficiency improvement and operations carbon emissions reduction