About the Workshop

Workshop Description

Currently, natural gas development opportunities remain high, as the world still has a quarter of its natural gas resources undeveloped or stranded offshore. Future gas demand will increase in parallel with worldwide industrial development, population, and geopolitical challenges. Governments around the world are seeking various opportunities to secure sufficient fuel supplies. The cause of these dynamic changes in the oil and gas industry is not only the price volatility but also the societal pressure towards energy transition and decarbonisation efforts to achieve net-zero in the near future. Apart from the current energy crunch and global climate ambitions and actions, the disruption from digitalisation, and the Internet of things IoT (such as reduced-manning and remote operations) cannot be overlooked as the growth of its trend has never ended.

Tight margins, the introduction of updated regulations, societal and environmental demands necessitate for “out-of-the-box” approach to natural gas development and management. A holistic and integrated natural gas development approach involving all disciplines, such as exploration and prospects/leads identification, triggering of region/field contaminant mapping, area development plan (ADP), resources maturation, and innovative development and technology, is crucial.

Our industry’s strategy and direction need to shift and reprioritised to meet the 2050 net-zero goals in which Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) and greenhouse gas (GHG) management becomes essential. Depleting hydrocarbon fields would be a potential solution for carbon storage, while late-life oil fields can provide further opportunity for gas cap blowdown to meet gas demand while facilities are still within their operational life or require asset life extension to continue operation.

This workshop invites an exchange of ideas and solutions amongst attendees, in order for our industry to accomplish the goal of optimising natural gas development and management and doing so  strategically and sustainably.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will provide industry updates and knowledge sharing on holistic natural gas development and management, including high contaminants, GCBD, CCUS, the pathway to net zero, and its challenges. The aim is to keep participants abreast with new ideas in developing and managing natural gas resources. The applications of various digital technologies along with environmental awareness will also be deliberated.

The workshop will also share the latest updates on innovative, technological solutions in natural gas development projects through technical dialogues with subject matter experts and sharing of best practices and case studies to achieve optimised and cost-effective operations. 

Benefits of Attending

This workshop serves as a great avenue for attendees to:

  • GAIN and EXPAND knowledge of various aspects of gas fields development, such as:
    • Practical cost-efficient exploration and development schemes
    • Drilling and completion technology for high contaminants and marginal field development
    • Innovative solutions for gas development and decommissioning
    • Improved recovery techniques for gas
    • Renewable energy and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
    • Net zero carbon emission
    • Waste treatment and environmental impacts
    • Resources management (human, materials)
  • SHARE lessons learnt and best practices in developing difficult and challenging gas resources, environment and infrastructure
  • DISCOVER solutions and emerging trends from reputable energy companies
  • EXCHANGE ideas and network with distinguished fellow industry players and agencies
  • DISCUSS regulatory aspects of the business across relevant government agencies
    • Present your expertise and innovations
    • Raise your profile amongst industry peers