About the Workshop

Workshop Objectives

Major topics to be explored include:

  • Mature fields in the energy transition – complement or compete?
  • Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) applications, and areas of enhancements and overlap with existing fields.
  • Costs and commerciality for mature field life extensions and viability of marginal field developments. 
  • Technology updates and production enhancement solutions to maximise field recovery.
  • Enablers to ensure the right assets are in the right hands.

Benefits of Attending

This workshop targets key executives and decision-makers in technical and commercial development for our industry to continue to remain resilient through the energy transition. Key values to be considered as enablers are:

  • Grow:
    • Adapting to change. The exit of IOCs and the emergence of new regional or niche companies with expertise in marginal resources ($12 billion assets are up for sale in Asia Pacific, according to research from Rystad)
  • Lead:
    • Innovation in CCUS technology and optimisation in cost could enable late-life fields to lead decarbonising solutions.
    • Creativity and innovation in fit-for-purpose technology to improve recovery factors to extend the life of marginal field development.
    • Empowerment and increased trust between host authority and companies through fit-for-purpose regulatory requirements and procurement processes that promote agility in decision-making and cost/value optimisation.
  • Collaborate:
    • More holistic integration of the value chain will enable improved efficiency and lower cost through improved commercial models (such as outcome-based) or new partnerships.
    • Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness to be promoted. This includes hiring, key management representation of companies, and incentivisation by host authorities.
  • Care: 
    • Late-life fields could emerge as CO₂ storage clusters, providing an opportunity to pivot and generate an additional revenue stream to support decarbonisation.
    • Sustainable solutions in new marginal field construction and decommissioning.

Join the Virtual Workshop at Your Local Time

Please note that all times are Coordinated Universal Time +8 (UTC+8)

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Doha / Kuwait City / Manama / Riyadh
🕘 09:00 Abu Dhabi / Dubai / Muscat
🕥 10:30 New Delhi
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🕛 12:00 Bangkok / Hanoi / Jakarta
🕐 13:00 Bandar Seri Begawan / Beijing / Kuala Lumpur / Perth / Singapore
🕑 14:00 Tokyo / Seoul
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