In May 2021, IEA produced the world’s first comprehensive energy roadmap to net zero emission in 2050. In this scenario, fossil fuels fall from almost four-fifths of the total energy supply today to slightly over one-fifth. Global energy demand is 8% smaller than today but serves an economy of more than twice as big with an incremental 2 billion global population. With this imminent new future approaching, the burning question for the industry is, therefore: “How will our existing assets fare, particularly mature and marginal fields, and how do we prepare ourselves to adapt and thrive?”.


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This workshop will focus on safely maximising value creation from mature and marginal greenfield assets across Asia Pacific, which will continue to play a pivotal role in supporting resource assurance as the energy industry undergoes transition.




Chen Kah Seong
Vice President (Centre of Excellence)
Upstream Business


Messages from the Workshop Advisors and Co-Chairs



GAIN perspective on the drivers to increase the pace of marginal resources development, definition and classification of marginal resources, and life cycle costs

SHARE experiences and collaborate with service providers, international and national oil companies for potential learnings that may be used for their own assets, technologies or development methodologies

DISCUSS effective developments of marginal resources that leads to significant potential in the new norm

NETWORK with peers and experts in the field



Professionals in:

Asset Development and Management


Facilities and Process

Field Development Planning

Geology and Geophysics

Integrated Operations

Production Engineering

Production Surveillance

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Management

Strategic Planning


Technology and Innovations

Venture Capital