About the Workshop

Amidst the dynamic and uncertain energy landscape, the global demand of oil has always seen new dimensions. Finding new reserves and improving oil recovery from existing assets are two strategies to achieve production growth. However, the search for new and substantial oil and gas reserves is getting increasingly difficult, leading to an increased interest in Improved Oil Recovery/Enhanced Oil Recovery applications to sustain and/or increase production from existing oilfields. 

This workshop is designed to provide a platform to discuss and share ideas on the technical and industrial challenges for EOR implementation worldwide. The discussion scope covers case studies of recent pilot and field-scale IOR/EOR projects, novel IOR/EOR technologies and techniques to improve process efficiency, and optimised operating model for IOR/EOR implementation which are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence tools for effective IOR/EOR management will also be included.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop aims to share knowledge and experiences on IOR/EOR technologies and their applications for production improvement. It will discuss emerging strategies and operating models for cost-effective and environmentally friendly IOR/EOR implementations. It will be a platform for deliberation on technical and industrial challenges for IOR/EOR implementation including case studies on successes and failures of the same.

Benefits of Attending

Attendees will gain invaluable insights, exchange and acquire experiences from industry leaders, business partners, and technology experts in the wells community for potential applications to their own planning and execution cycles.

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