About the Workshop

Deepwater exploration and development have become more promising over the years since global oil and gas players first ventured into this complex area. Compounding the increase in demand and the fact that there are no longer easy-to-reach reservoirs at shallower water depth, key industry players have raised numerous discussions on opportunities and mitigation to the challenges for deepwater drilling operations.

Apart from the existing challenges already faced by deepwater operators, many manhours have also been allocated to produce low-breakeven and low-carbon deepwater projects with value-accretive solutions to increase profit, whilst supporting the upstream decarbonisation agenda. Deepwater rig contractors, for example, have increased their investment in drilling technologies and operational efficiencies. The complexity of ultra-deep drilling has made it highly dependent on extensive studies on deepwater play and reservoir management, project engineering and design, as well as thorough risk assessment on overall project scopes.  

Workshop Objectives

This workshop aims to explore the latest advancement and best practices on deepwater drilling, as well as project management on both exploration and development from operators, service partners, independent consultants, and academia. Furthermore, this workshop provides an avenue for collaborative discussion and idea exchange by sharing the latest technologies, case studies, lessons learnt, and strategic approaches in deepwater development.