Monday, October 09

08:30 - 18:00
Training Course: Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Focus on Aquifers and Depleted Gas Reservoirs
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Richard Baker, BRE Subsurface

The course is designed to give an overview of project economics, and key technical uncertainties in geological and reservoir engineering on aquifer and depleted gas reservoirs. Key course topics include:

  • Gain clarity on carbon sources, types of capture & storage technologies available
  • Economics & costs of CCUS projects
  • Case studies & REAL DATA on CO2 Sequestration for Western Canadian projects
  • CO2 Hub possibilities from an environmental, government, oil company & pipeline point of view
  • Understand risks; better evaluation of aquifers and depleted oil & gas
  • MMV discussion vs. risks
  • Reservoir containment & well integrity
  • Why permeability is critical? And how to bracket ranges


Tuesday, October 10

08:30 - 10:00
Opening and Keynote Session Ballroom 1, Ground Floor

Iswahyuni Fifthana Hayati
Senior Manager, Technical Excellence Upstream Business Development
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi
APOGCE 2023 Conference Chair

Awang Lazuardi
Development and Production Director
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi
APOGCE 2023 Conference Advisor

Kamel Ben-Naceur
2022 SPE President
Nomadia Energy Consulting

Raam Krisna
General Manager Zone 10
PT Pertamina Hulu Indonesia

10:30 - 12:00
Executive Plenary Session: Managing the Base During the Net Zero Transition Ballroom 1, Ground Floor

Global challenges have very much impacted the energy industry in 2022. As the world aspires to achieve net zero carbon emissions, energy efficiency and accelerated transition will be prioritised to achieve these targets. The industry will continue to collaborate, explore new technologies, and optimise operations to achieve business excellence. Pragmatism and sustainability will provide the industry with technical efficiency, energy security and resilience.

Session Chairs

Iswahyuni Fifthana Hayati
Senior Manager, Technical Excellence Upstream Business Development
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi
APOGCE 2023 Conference Chair

Meita Silaban
Team Manager Well Reliability and Optimisation Heavy Oil
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
APOGCE 2023 Technical Programme Committee Chair


Awang Lazuardi
Development and Production Director
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi
APOGCE 2023 Conference Advisor

Carole J. Gall
President, Indonesia

Yuzaini Yusof
President and Country Head, Indonesia

Scott Cremin
Managing Director

12:30 - 13:00
eP01  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 1 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215242 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Well Configuration and Placement Optimisation in Dual Media Systems Through Reservoir Modelling Approach A. Al Mulhim, M. Alnasser, A. Al Shubbar, H. Hamam, Saudi Aramco
215467 Drilling The Invention of a Predictor Plot for Evaluating the Response of the Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Cement to Changes in Temperature and Pressure N.N. Zulkarnain, PETRONAS; A.I. Abd Hamid, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; Y.A. Sazali, A.A. A Razak, M.F. Habarudin, PETRONAS
215206 Drilling The Success Story of the First Application of High Performance Water Base Mud (HPWBM) in Corridor Block: Case Study in Suban Field B.R. Permana, R. Widyaningsih, F. Hamid, B. Isa, Medco E&P Grissik Ltd.
215350 Drilling A Collaborative Solution in Optimising Deepwater Well Placement in Challenging Seabed Environment with Close Proximity to Mud Volcano H.F. Mohd Safari Lai, E. Mohd Sukri, PETRONAS
215321 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effects of Permeability Anisotropy and High Angle Completions on Non-Darcy Skin Calculations in Gas Wells Z. Xia, I. Terziev, D. Vasilyev, D. Kazanov, D.I. O'Reilly, A.R. House, Chevron
215385 Production & Operations A New Analytical Model for Production Data Analysis in Horizontal Wells of Tight Gas Reservoirs Z. Li, Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; L. Hu, China University of Petroleum at Beijing; X. Sun, PetroChina Coalbed Methane Company Limited; Y. Xie, C. Zhou, Z. Ma, J. Liu, Z. Sun, Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; G. Li, P. Dong, China University of Petroleum at Beijing
215257 Completions Downhole Flow Control Technologies: From Simple Starts to Wireless Smarts P. Asthana, S. Jacob, Saudi Aramco; B. Bouldin, WINS; M. Larbi Zeghlache, M.A. Almulhim, Saudi Aramco
215207 Production & Operations The Approach of Pressure Enthalpy Phase Diagram in Supercritical Liquid of CO2 Pipeline Design W.W. Ginting, PT. Energi Partner Indo; D.H. Bragoba, PT. Pertamina Persero; C.V. Barreto, G. Alves de Carvalho, ESSS
215435 Production & Operations Applying Downhole Wireless Telemetry System to Water Flooding Operation Q. Chen, D. Jia, F. Sun, Z. Hao, S. Huang, S. Zhu, RIPED PetroChina
215309 Production & Operations Case Study for Enhancement of Production of Heavy and Highly Viscous Crude Oil Using Electrical Downhole Heater R. Kumar, P. Kakati, A.S. Lone, S. Bharadwaj, S.S. Gurjar, D. Pathak, Oil India Limited
215240 Drilling Enabling Well Landing Decision with Fluid Mapping While Drilling S. Zulkipli, M. Hendrawati, C. Lowrans, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd; P. Tan Jeng Yen, PETRONAS Carigali; A. Garcia Mayans, C. Liu, SLB
215407 Completions Unconventional Fields Recovery Enabled by Large-scale Green Power Supply Based on Multi Micro-grids and Energy Storage Sharing with National Data Centers Z. Tong, X. Wang, D. Weng, C. He, R. Yang, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED), PetroChina; Z. Zhang, Chengdu PetroChina Kunlun Energy Co.,Ltd.; Q. Sun, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED), PetroChina
215464 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fracture Characterisation Methods and Application of Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs in Reservoir Numerical Simulation Q. Li, S. Wu, Z. Cao, B. Wang, H. Li, H. Jia, RIPED, PetroChina; Artificial Intelligence Technology R&D Center for Exploration and Development, CN
14:00 - 15:30
Panel Session 1: Remapping Career in Oil and Gas Industry - Keeping Up with Future Needs Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

Over the last decade, the global energy industry has faced unpredictable waves of uncertainty. Swung by downturns, geopolitical issues, and economic crises, the industry has been seen differently. At the same time, digitalisation and energy transition have shifted the future energy landscape. The "What If" scenario has been deliberated by professionals and future talents looking at the uncertainties ahead.

Themed "Remapping Career in Oil and Gas Industry - Keeping Up with Future Needs", the session will discuss the industry outlook, challenges, and opportunities for young professionals and students to stay relevant in crafting their careers and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Session Chairs

Jason Kok
Chief Executive Officer
Grit Energy Sdn. Bhd.

Yusuf Praditya
Reservoir Engineer
Harbour Energy

Sherly Suwardi
Reservoir Engineer
Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited

I Putu Gede Putra Arcana
Geomechanics Engineer


Henricus Herwin
Vice President Upstream Business Development
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi

Ronnie Kurniawan
Head of Department
PSC Human Resources Management
Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities
Republic of Indonesia
SKK Migas

Human Resource Business Partner
Well-Construction APAC
Baker Hughes

Aryoko Dwinanto
ExxonMobil Indonesia

14:00 - 15:30
Indonesia Spotlight Session: Exploration Ballroom 1, Ground Floor

This session will focus on two sub-sessions. The first sub-session will highlight Indonesia's oil and gas prospectivity in a nutshell. The government's perspective on Indonesia's near future plan and the consequences of having such a plan will be explained. Furthermore, several opportunities that will fit every investment appetite will be discussed.

The second sub-session will provide insights on the what, where, and how this prospectivity will fit most investment appetite. Presenters will show areas, possible exploration and development activities, and opportunities for investment. It will be completed with a success story and possible negotiation terms for the investor.

14:00 - 17:30
Regional Student Paper Contest Aster and Casablanca, 5th Floor

SPE student members across Asia Pacific submit technical paper abstract for the opportunity to present at the SPE Asia Pacific Regional Student Paper Contest at APOGCE. The shortlisted papers will be presented in front of a panel of judges in their respective Postgraduate or Undergraduate division.

Winners of 2023 Asia Pacific Regional Student Paper Contest will be invited to attend and compete at the SPE International Student Paper Contest, to be held at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) from 23–25 September 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. In addition to showcasing their technical knowledge at the contest, the winning regional representatives will have the opportunity to meet practicing professionals and industry members from across the globe for their professional career development. Conference delegates are encouraged to attend and support the student presentations.

14:00 - 15:30
TS01  Technical Session 1: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) I Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Pankaj Kumar Tiwari - PETRONAS, Arasy Az-Zariat - PT Pertamina EP
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215209 Completions Near Wellbore Cement Integrity of Co2 Geologic Storage in Mature Gas Field, Malaysia J. Leem, Y. Sazali, L. Riyanto, M. Ebining Amir, PETRONAS
1420-1440 215426 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multicomponent Fluid (h2/co2-ch4-h2O) Occurrence Characteristics In Shale Nanopores: Insights From Md Simulations Y. Zhao, B. Guan, Southwest Petroleum University, China; H. Hu, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas field Company, China; S. Wang, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd, China; S. Wang, CNOOC Research Institute Co.,Ltd, China; J. Wu, Sinopec Shanghai Offshore Petroleum Company, China; Y. Huang, Southwest Petroleum University, China; T. Zhang, Southwest Petroleum University
1440-1500 215293 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessment of CO2 Hydrate Generation During Sequestration in Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs S. Mousavi Mirkalaei, S. Khoirur Rofieq, A.S. Abdullah, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; A. Khanifar, PETRONAS; M.D. Edmondson, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
1500-1520 215250 Drilling Well Design for Sustainable Field Development Plan Towards Achieving Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2050 M. Musa, I. Md Dan, N. M Garib, H. M Safari Lai, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
14:00 - 15:30
TS02  Technical Session 2: Reservoir Simulation and Modelling I Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Ricko Rizkiaputra - Medco E&P Indonesia, Seyed Mousa Mousavi Mirkalaei - Computer Modelling Group
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215313 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessment of Field-scale Geomechanical Risks Associated to Carbonate Reservoir Production in South Senoro Field A. Younessi, R. Sagita, R.M. Chrislianto, Baker Hughes; K.P. Laya, R. Helbet, A. Khawarizmy, JOB Medco Tomori
1420-1440 215306 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rapid Simulation and Optimisation of Geological Co2 Sequestration Using Coarse Grid Network Model B. Aslam, Z. Tariq, B. Yan, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
1440-1500 215288 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Mathematical Model and Numerical Simulation of Waterflood Induced Dynamic Fractures of Low Permeability Reservoirs D. Kai, Z. Rui, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; B. Dindoruk, University of Houston; T. Yang, Equinor ASA; S. Patil, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
1500-1520 215473 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pressure Depletion Integrated Static Reservoir Model as Development Planning Basis in Mature Handil Field E.S. Erriyantoro, T.O. Muhroni, A. Suardiputra, E. Suwito, J. Sianturi, F.A. Utama, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
14:00 - 15:30
TS03  Technical Session 3: Decommissioning and Subsea Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Afriandi Eka Prasetya - SKK Migas, Dyah Ayusta Saptarini - PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215339 Projects, Facilities & Construction A Decade of Learning from Design and Operations of the First Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) M.F. Sulong, F.J. Nasri Huang, PETRONAS
1420-1440 215355 Production & Operations Offline Cement Evaluation: Boost Cost Effectiveness by Planning Efficiently S. Zayani, M. Mohd Johan, S.S. Shahril, Z. Ibrahim, M. Mamat, EnQuest Petroleum Production Malaysia Ltd.; A. Awal, S. Zulkefli, I. Fadzalisham, Impressive Logging Services Sdn. Bhd.
1440-1500 215457 Drilling Case Study: Utilisation of a Hydraulic Workover Unit to Recover Highly Corroded 35 Years Old Dual String Tubing Completion with Dual Tubing and Dual Annulus Valve in Mahakam Offshore R. Sinaga, Y. Solagratia, M. Syafrudin, M. Maharanoe, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
1500-1520 215338 Drilling Challenging the PWC (Perforate Wash and Cement) Acceptance Norm E. Damasena, Independent
15:30 - 16:00
eP02  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 2 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215314 Projects, Facilities & Construction Simulation of Heterogeneous Geomechanical Damage in Tight Reservoir Based on Projection-based Embedded Discrete Fractured Model H. Li, Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Limited Company, CNPC; H. Tian, Shale Gas Institute, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Company; A. Mei, Y. Wu, Y. Peng, Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Limited Company, CNPC; L. Shi, Research Institute of Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co. Ltd.; N. Cao, Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd.
215440 Reservoir Description & Dynamics From a Slow and Biased Deterministic History-matching to a Fast and Objective Ensemble-based Approach: A Paradigm Shift in the Development Planning of a Mature and Complex Malaysian Field N. Minggu, P. Strobech, A.N. Romle, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; S. Ducroux, Resoptima Sdn. Bhd.; Y. Seah, SLB; A.A. Namjoshi, V. Garimella, S. Suut, A.Z. Salehudin, A. Amsidom, A. Azami, Z.A. Suwito, F. Hairon Nizar, I. Gazali, M. Hendrawati, A. Fakrudin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
215359 Drilling Hyperbaric Welding and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Downhole Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry S.M. Leon Escobar, A. Walzl, K. Ravi, M. Prohaska, Montanuniversität Leoben; I.M. Richardson, IR Welding Consultancy; M. Stockinger, Montanuniversität Leoben; N. Fateh, S. Hoenig, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH
215410 An Optimum Cloud Based Approach to Timely and Secure After-tax Economic Analysis and Decision Making C.S. Meulengracht, H.M. Poulsen, NRG Models A/S
215482 Completions Pattern Fracturing: Design and Execution Case Study with Fracturing Completion for Reservoir Management in Ordos Shale Oil Y. Liu, Y. Luo, F. Ma, SLB; L. Mu, T. Zhang, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; Y. Xu, Chuanqing Downhole Company; Q. Chen, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; L. Niu, Z. Huang, SLB
215222 A Use Case of Production and Sand Control Benchmarking Through Unstructured Data and Machine Learning Analysis Z. Abdul Hamid, N. Hernandez, F. Baillard, L. Looi, Iraya Energies
215400 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Demonstration of a Practical Ensemble-based Reservoir Modelling Workflow for Development Planning on the Ichthys Gas-condensate Field R. Narumi, R. Iizuka, T. Miyazaki, G. Coelho, K. Yamamoto, T. Banno, F. Otten, T. Lozada, INPEX
215278 Production & Operations Mini-ROV Utilisation for Banyu Urip FSO Underwater Inspection and Maintenance K. Jayatra, ExxonMobil Cepu Limited
215486 Production & Operations Depleted Gas Zone Isolation in Cemented Monobore via Real-time Coiled Tubing Expandable Steel Patch M. Abd Rahim, A. Ibrahim, M. Mohd Zain, C. Siew, A. Khoo, T. Nguyen, Hibiscus Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited; A. Amsidom, R. Abd Rashid, Y. Choi, K. Khairul Anuar, PETRONAS; P. Chin, B. Le Pouezard, A.A. Mohd Noor, N. Yong, SLB
215378 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Study on Shear & Tensile Activation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Natural Fractured Reservoirs Y. Zhang, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; Y. Qiao, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited; F. Zhou, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; D. Ren, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company; Y. Liu, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; J. Bai, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development
215444 Projects, Facilities & Construction Key Success Factors for the Reuse and Repurpose of Decommissioned Structures in Malaysia I. Zulkifli, A. Zainudin, A. Zainai, M. Abu Bakar, S. Tan, PETRONAS
215270 Completions Enhancing Well Productivity with Customised Completion and Underbalanced Perforation - A Case Study of Abu Dhabi, UAE A. Othman, Petrofac; V. Sharma, Indian Oil Corporation Limited; P. Singh, Indian Oil Corporation Limited; G.V. Reddy, A.A. Khan, A. Mishra, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
215395 Drilling Preserving Business Resilience - AI Driven Drilling Automation as the Engine of Change for Sustainable Performance K. Khazali, M. A Murad, M. A Mokhti, J. Jamal, M. Zurhan, Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; N. Mat Noh, M. Kereshanan, K. Abdul Rashid, S. Ting, C. Herrera, B. Goodkey, SLB
16:00 - 17:30
Indonesia Spotlight Session: Carbon Capture Storage and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage Ballroom 1, Ground Floor

Carbon Capture Storage/Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCS/CCUS) are game-changers for petroleum-related industries to align with the global agenda in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With its immense storage capacity, Indonesia has been globally recognised to play an important role in implementing CCS/CCUS. In March 2023, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources ratified a decree on the Implementation of CCS/CCUS in Oil and Gas Working Area. In addition, there have been over 15 activities, ranging from MOUs and pilot projects to the start of engineering design, in pursuing the implementation of CCS/CCUS in Indonesia. However, there are remaining challenges to deploy the technology. In this session, experts from national and international institutions will convey important messages to overcome those challenges.

16:00 - 17:30
Project Session 1: Accelerating Digital Transformation and Value Creation at PETRONAS Upstream through Enterprise Architecture (EA) Implementation Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

PETRONAS' upstream business is involved in the exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources and the operation of oil and gas production assets. The upstream business consistently delivers operational results through strategic and decisive measures. We have embraced digitalisation and technology in our work processes to achieve business excellence. Furthermore, in response to the global push for a low-carbon future and cleaner energy sources like natural gas, PETRONAS remains committed to worldwide customer-centricity and flexibility. These values have enabled us to provide tailored solutions to new adopters of LNG, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from this cleaner energy.

Our business priorities include leveraging technology, digitalisation, and intelligent facilities to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance efficiency, thereby facilitating informed decision-making. To expedite the realisation of these priorities, we recognise the significance of Enterprise Architecture (EA). It needs to be implemented from an enterprise perspective to drive business outcomes and future-proof PETRONAS' digital and technological landscape.


Marzuki Kamaruzaman
General Manager – Enterprise Architecture
PETRONAS Digital Sdn. Bhd.


Richard Saudale
Senior Manager – Enterprise Architecture
PETRONAS Digital Sdn. Bhd.

Sara Sayed Abdelaal
Executive – Enterprise Architecture
PETRONAS Digital Sdn. Bhd.

Roslee Yaakob
Senior Manager – Enterprise Architecture
PETRONAS Digital Sdn. Bhd.

16:00 - 17:30
TS04  Technical Session 4: Energy Transition and Renewable Energy Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Beni Suryadi - ASEAN Centre For Energy, Johanes-Anton Witono - PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215218 Production & Operations Generation of Chloralkali and Hydrogen from Produced Water T.K. Omporkas, A.H. M Basri, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1620-1640 215201 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Feasibility Study and LCoE Analysis of Geothermal Energy Production from Depleted Oil Fields and Gas Prospects Onshore Sarawak, Malaysia M. Bataee, Curtin University Malaysia; R. Carter, Renewables Consulting Sarawak; Z. Hamdi, Heriot-Watt University; S. Ridha, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
1640-1700 215273 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Risk and Economical Assessment LNG Fuel System Design in Dual-fuel Engine Conversion on Crude Oil Tanker A. Wisnu Alhakim, PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk.; A. Bagus Dinariyana, E. Pratiwi, M. Valentia, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology
1700-1720 215415 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Ai-optimisation of Lithium Recovery from Reservoir Operations - An Adapted Volve Field Study K. Katterbauer, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A. Qasim, Saudi Aramco; A.A. Alshehri, A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco PE&D
16:00 - 17:30
TS05  Technical Session 5: Reservoir Characterisation I Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Luky Hendraningrat - PETRONAS, Chang Liu - RIPED, CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215245 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupling Numerical Dynamic Models of PTA And RTA with Detailed Geological Models Integrating Quantitative Analysis, Using Rock Physics, Seismic Inversion and Nonlinear Techniques In Siliciclastic Reservoirs R. Alcantara, L.H. Santiago, I.P. Melquiades, B.E. Ruiz, J. Ricardez, C.I. Mendez, PEMEX E&P; V. Mercado, SEG
1620-1640 215417 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unleashing Siliciclastic Reservoirs: Discovering the Hidden Treasure within the Sepinggan Carbonate Sequences of the South Mahakam Field, Lower Kutai Basin A. Wuryanto, PT. Pertamina Hulu Indonesia; W.S. Lauwijaya, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam; T.Y. Yoga, PT. Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga; A. Trianto, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam; F.B. Kurniawan, R. Widiartha, D. Ramdan, S. Hartanto, PT. Pertamina Hulu Indonesia; J.A. Sianturi, R. Hidayat, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam; K.N. Moersidin, PT. Pertamina Hulu Indonesia
1640-1700 215213 Production & Operations Dynamic Fracture Characterisation Using Multiphase Rate Transient Analysis of Flowback and Production Data Z. Zhang, China University of Petroleum Beijing; G. Sun, Northeast Petroleum University; X. Zhou, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; K. Dang, Shaanxi YanChang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.; X. Su, Pennsylvania State University
1700-1720 215357 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Semut Field Enhancing Production: Integrated Analysis to Reveal Thin Layer in Thick Sand Formation on Brown Waterflooded Field K. Evelyn, A.B. Ustiawan, U. Ramadhani, H.S. Moestopo, A. Masyhuri, M. Afton, I. Fardiansyah, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
16:00 - 17:30
TS06  Technical Session 6: Well Completion and Intervention Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Amirul Adha Amsidom - PETRONAS, Agung Cahyono - Truelogs Geo Energi
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215431 Completions Maximising the Value of Offshore-Setup Hydraulic Workover Unit to Monetise Onshore Gas in Brunei M. Runtuwene, M. Lopez, S. Siew, M. Mappy, Brunei Shell Petroleum
1620-1640 215204 Completions New Way to Converting Gas Wells into Oil Wells to Exceeding the Life of Mature Oil Field: Case Study at Handil Field, Mahakam Block, East Kalimantan, Indonesia A. Umar, I. Lu'ayyi Li Ulinnuha, A. Suhartanto, M.I. Maulana, G. Lukman Wijaya, N.S. Maz, D. Setiawan, M. Risal, M.N. Jamal, T. Aditya Pradana, E. Suwito, M. Hidayat, R. Setiadi, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
1640-1700 215316 Completions Utilizing E-line Mechanical Services to Fish a Slickline Running Tool and Heavy-duty Pulling Tool HDPT - A Case from Malaysia A. Movahed, Welltec; A. Abu Bakar, M. Che Mat, M. Bakar, M. Amjath Hussain, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A.F. Rosli, Welltec
1700-1720 215380 Completions Use of Logging While Drilling Data and Machine Learning to Predict Maximum Borehole Diameter for Multistage Completion K. Khan, M. AlTammar, R. Alfaraj, R.A. Alidi, Saudi Aramco

Wednesday, October 11

09:00 - 10:30
Panel Session 2: Managing Decarbonisation Whilst Keeping Up with Production Demand Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

By 2030, the Indonesian government has set a production target of 1 MMBOD and 12 BCSFD. At the same time, the government remains committed to achieving its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) commitment under the Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions by 32 or 43% unconditionally, conditioned upon international support.

To achieve these objectives, the government will need to provide regulations and policies, and create an environment that can support an increase in oil and gas production while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. To this end, the government has introduced a number of low-carbon initiatives in many sectors that contribute to carbon emissions, including the upstream oil and gas industry.

The two "conflicting" commitments are challenging to manage since both have equal priority. In this session, we will hear from experts from diverse backgrounds, with long-term experience and deep expertise regarding the opportunities and challenges in the upstream industry in Indonesia on the viability of increasing production while reducing carbon emissions from technological, policy, and commercial perspectives.

Session Chairs

Tania Irani Amir Hassan
Vice President Surface Engineering
ExxonMobil Indonesia

Deny Rijadi
Senior Legal Advisor


Oki Muraza
Senior Vice President, Research & Technology Innovation
PT Pertamina (Persero)

Egon E Van Der Hoeven
Senior Vice President Business Development

Khairul Nizam Mohd Zaini
Head Reservoir Development and Management (RDM)
Sarawak, MPM

Suresh Sinnappu
Energy Transition Director
Baker Hughes

Doddy Abdassah
Professor of Petroleum Engineering
Institut Teknologi Bandung

09:00 - 15:00
Energy4Me Teachers’ and Education Day Casablanca Room, 5th Floor

Energy4Me is an initiative to share fresh energy education teaching and learning methodologies with local high school teachers. Local high school students are introduced to the discipline of petroleum engineering and the industry through hands-on activities and meaningful sharing sessions by industry leaders and young professionals.

09:00 - 10:30
TS07  Technical Session 7: Sand Control and Water Management  Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Ahmad Reza Younessi - Baker Hughes, Khairul Nizam Idris - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 215411 Completions Performance of Bonded Bead Sand Screen as Remedial Sand Control in Highly Erosive Environment A.A. Chandrakant, A. Muhammad Yusof, Z. M Zin, E.A. Rosland, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A.S. Balgobin, C. Li Ren, C.A. McClean, Baker Hughes
0920-0940 215200 Production & Operations World’s First Pilot Installation of Boron Diffused Erosion Resistant Through Tubing Sand Screen (ER TTSS) in a Producing Gas Field: A Novel Application in Peninsular Malaysia D. Navaratnam, E.A. Rosland, M. Azman, I.C. XianLung, T. Kah Meng, N.H. Kamarul Zaman, S.N. Ibrahim Kamal, K.S. Salleh, M.S. Abdul Rahim, Z. M Zin, I. Manaharan, B. Madon, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M.F. Hamidun, Reservoir Link & MSC Resources
0940-1000 215343 Production & Operations A New Technology Approach Using Permanent Chemical Tracer for Water Source Identification in Ujung Pangkah Field A. Eviany, C.C. Mario, A.L. Hakim, A. Nugrahanto, H. Pramana, A. Murtani, Saka Energi Indonesia; R. Rashed, S. Koumouris, O. Huseby, Resman AS
1000-1020 215227 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Revival of an Oil Well with Successful Water Shut off by Novel Placement Technique of Exclusively Optimised Cross-linked Polymer P.V. Daksh, V.K. Gupta, N. Betanabelli, I. Sutaria, D. Saklani, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
09:00 - 10:30
TS08  Technical Session 8: The Journey of Strategic Digital Implementation in Energy Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Rapheephan Laochamroonvorapongse - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd., Ching Tu - Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 215244 Automated Production Enhancement Candidates Screening Powered by Machine Learning Unlocks Untapped Potential in Matured Oil Fields - A Case Study N. Mat Khair, M. Zaizakrani, N.A. Zul Azhar, F.L. A Halim, S. Sidek, N.Z. Nik Khamsani, S.H. Shafie, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M.M. Mokhlis, N.A. Hazali, M.N. Saifuddin, SLB
0920-0940 215414 PHR WK Rokan Digital Transformation Journey T. Setiabudi, M. Firdaus, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
0940-1000 215236 AI Innovations in Waterflood Management, the Path to Autonomous Operations S. Khataniar, S. Biniwale, M. Ahmed Elfeel, C. Tellez Mejia, SLB
1000-1020 215303 Artificial Lift Real-time Monitoring Digitalisation Method: An Advanced Approach with Artificial Intelligence to Achieve Efficient Well Surveillance by Utilising Scada H.L. Putra, F. Tanjungsari, W.S. Edyawan, A. Hidayat, S. Suwono, PT. Medco E&P Indonesia
09:00 - 10:30
TS09  Technical Session 9: Field Development and Operations Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Hanifatu Avida Romas - ExxonMobil Indonesia, Hussen Mansur - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 215237 Projects, Facilities & Construction Success Story in Implementing Substructure New Technology for Offshore Marginal Fields E. Islami, Medco E&P Indonesia
0920-0940 215261 Projects, Facilities & Construction Water Injection Efficiency Improvement Through UPD and RAM Analysis M.A. Charil, F.I. Daud, PETRONAS
0940-1000 215330 Production & Operations Increasing 11,000 BLPD on Bekapai Mature Field with Minimum Facility Modification Using the Inter-platform Gas Lift Combined with Integrated Gas Lift Optimisation (PROSPER & Macro-Excel) A.D. Suseno, R.K. Rusdi, M. Guciano, I.A. Garmana, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
1000-1020 215386 Production & Operations Low-cost Approach to Significantly Reduce Operational Cost and Improve Facility Reliability in Banyu Urip Acid Gas Removal Unit (AGRU) V. Wijaya, S. Kaswan, ExxonMobil Cepu Limited
10:30 - 11:00
eP03  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 3 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215238 Production & Operations An Intelligent Separated Zone Oil Production Technology Based on Electromagnetic Coupling Principle C. Liao, D. Jia, Q. Yang, X. Pei, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, PetroChina; Y. Zhu, L. Kong, Y. Yu, K. Du, The Fourth Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd
215424 Production & Operations Unlocking High CO2 Wells - Strategy For Achieving Optimum Gas Blending Ratio N. Mohd Fauzi, N. A Rahim, M.Y. Gazali, E. Giri, M.S. Mohd Nawi, R.M. Raja Azman, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
215248 Production & Operations Improving Water Injection Pump (WIP) Reliability Through Integrated Water System Evaluation in XYZ Field A. Priambudi, A.A. Machfud, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215383 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigating Water Trapping Effects during Tertiary Gas Injection in Mixed-wet Rocks W.A. Wan Razak, PETRONAS; S. Krevor, Imperial College London
215333 Completions Fracturing New Wells In Mature Field - Tenares Tight Sand Development Evolution Of Kotabuana Field Infill Drilling Initial Completion M.A. Yogasugama, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan; M.H. Prasetio, N. Nataliawati, R. Putra, H.W. Kusumaningsih, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan; D. Sutyastomo, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan; M. Irfan, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan; A. Makmun, PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi
215253 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Surrogate Model for Numerical Reservoir Simulation of Co2 Flooding and Storage Based on Deep Learning P. Dong, X. Liao, L. Zhang, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; H. Zhang, No. 9 Oil Production Plant, Changging Oilfield, CNPC; X. Zhao, Q. Xue, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
215419 Completions Low Cost Alternate Solution to Produce the Shallowest Productive Low-quality Reservoir in WK Rokan M.A. Ikhsani, A. Putra, M. Rafi, A. Alfajrian, M. Barezzi, N. Jati, R. Sanjana, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215214 Drilling Process and Lessons Learned Using Hollow Glass Spheres for Drilling Depleted Fields M. Rylance, MEDCO Energi; V. Sherishorin, bp
215390 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility The Journey Towards Effective Grievance Mechanism in Upstream A. Che Arshad, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
215210 Production & Operations Uncovering the Actual Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of Critical Safeguards in Aging Hydrocarbon Facilities as the Basis for the Development of a Performance-based Maintenance Strategy of Critical Safeguards. Lessons Learned from Rokan Block .. Safrudin, M.R. Yudhy, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan; E. Joelianto, Institut Teknologi Bandung
215254 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Developed Screening Workflow for Preliminary Ranking Viable Onshore & Nearshore CO2 Storage Sites in Sarawak Area M. Rahman, A. Trianto, L. Hendraningrat, M.N. Mohamad, M.H. Yakup, M. Che Mat, S.S. M Ali, A. Widyanita, E. Jones Jr, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd
215470 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fluid Identification with Multiple Non-electrical Methods in Ultra-deep Tight Gas Reservoir, A Case Study from Tarim Basin J. Hu, Y. Zhao, S. Shuai, S. Ge, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company; L. Cai, SLB C; W. Wang, J. Wu, X.R. Zhao, SLB
215311 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Learning from Water Injection Pilot in a Low Permeability Reservoir Developed with Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells ABH Field Case Study R. Singh, P. Agarwal, S. Saurav, S. Gupta, S.K. Mandapati, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd.
11:00 - 12:30
Project Session 2: Managing The Blow Out Incident Offshore Well YYA-1 PHE ONWJ and Converting the Relief Well to a Production Well Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

A blowout event occurred at the YYA-1 well, PHE ONWJ Offshore Indonesia. The two main concerns were to stop the blowout and minimise environmental effects on the sea and shore. The oil spill combat process was deployed to contain oil near the blowout well and other impacted zones. To kill the blowout, a relief well was drilled instead of using the existing YYA-1 well due to the collapse of the platform on the original YYA well. It was decided to kill the blowout from the YYA-1 well and convert the existing relief well into a production well.

Three important factors led to the success of this endeavour: conducting the oil spill combat operation, drilling a relief well to kill the blowout, and converting the relief well into a production well. The oil spill combat operation included vessels and aerial surveillance, shoreline assessment, deployment of several oil booms, spray of dispersant, and shoreline clean-up. The source of the blowout was managed by drilling the YYA-1RW relief well to intercept the YYA-1 well, creating a conduit to kill the blowout and secure the well. The last step in this project was to convert the YYA-1RW relief well into a production well. At this point, the barrier integrity was an important matter that needed special attention.


Sr. Manager Drilling, Well Intervention Region 2
PT Pertamina EP


Bangkit Satya Budi
HSSE Engineer for Drilling & Well Intervention
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ

Andre Wiharja
Drilling Engineer
PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam

Taufan Arhammar
Engineer, DWI Engineering
PT Pertamina EP

Mukhlis Taufik
Senior Drilling Engineer
PT Pertamina EP

Jovie Yunara
Senior Engineer Drilling Operation Region 2
PT Pertamina EP

Philip Harbidge
Senior Technical Sales Manager

11:00 - 12:30
TS10  Technical Session 10: Reservoir Stimulation Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Eadie Azahar Rosland - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Muhammad Saifullah Zaidi - Deleum Berhad
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 215332 Completions Novel Single Phase Retarded Acid System for Effective Stimulation of Limestone Reservoirs M. Qamruzzaman, P. Nain, G. Mhaske, B. Ravishankar, R. Nischal, ONGC Limited
1120-1140 215460 Production & Operations Acidising Job Optimisation in DSF Field New Steamflood Area M. Aji, B.S. Nugraha, I. Irawan, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
1140-1200 215429 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Pragmatic Approach in Well Stimulation at the Late Field Life of Retrograde Gas Reservoir with Condensate Banking, Liquid Loading and Scale Issues: A Meaningful Failure N.S. Mohamad Ruzlan, D. Navaratnam, M.F. Azman, N.A. Ayub, A. Mohamed, N.H. Kamarul Zaman, C.S. Bernard, K.S. Salleh, R. Bakar, E.A. Rosland, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1200-1220 215336 Production & Operations Novel Retarded Acid System Improves Acid Fracturing in High-Temperature Gas Wells M.A. AlJama, Q.A. Sahu, E. Ali, M.S. Almajed, Saudi Aramco; A.J. Cairns, M. Sayed, Aramco Americas
11:00 - 12:30
TS11  Technical Session 11: Unconventional Resources I Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Siwei Meng - RIPED, CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 215220 Machine Learning Sweet Spot Identification and Performance Validation Utilising Reservoir and Completion Data from Unconventional Reservoir in British Columbia, Canada J. Leem, I.H. Musa, A. Mazeli, M.C. Yusoff, PETRONAS; D. Jowett, D. Redpath, P. Saltman, PETRONAS Canada
1120-1140 215487 Completions Fluid and Proppant Distribution and Fracture Geometry Calibration Using Permanent Fiber-optic Sensing DAS/DTS - Oman Case Study S. Shoaibi, S. Farsi, Petroleum Development Oman; B. Suchta, S. Persac, A. Wakwak, S. Gorgi, Halliburton
1140-1200 215292 Data-driven Production Forecasting For Shale Gas Wells Using Production Characteristics Analysis H. Shin, J. Lim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
1200-1220 215484 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Inter-porosity Flowmodel for Multi-scale Shale Reservoirs with Nonuniform Laminated Fracture Q. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Su, W. Yu, China University of Petroleum, East China
11:00 - 12:30
TS12  Technical Session 12: Flow Assurance, Production Chemistry and Corrosion Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Sulaiman Sidek - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Kevin Lay - AWT International
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 215459 Production & Operations Addressing Detrimental Effect of Water Emulsion to Pour Point Depressant Application While Managing Fit-for-risk Wax Mitigation in Banyu Urip Field M. Amin Rois, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd
1120-1140 215266 Production & Operations Evaluation of Polyamidoamine-assisted Scale Inhibitors to Mitigate Silicate Scale Formation in Near Wellbore Region B.C. Tan, I.M. Saaid, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; S.Q. Mahat, Universiti Malaysia Pahang; S. Zainal, P.T. Bhaskoro, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; A. Anuar, Petroliam Nasional Berhad
1140-1200 215404 Production & Operations Mercury Management from Source to Salespoint Misjudgments of Mercury Production and Implication Towards Offshore Peninsular Malaysia Main Gas Field Operation - A Comprehensive Production Safeguarding Program from Source to Export End E. Kimlon, N. Kamarul Zaman, M.H. Mawardi, M.A. M Tahir, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1200-1220 215287 Production & Operations Basic Sediment and Water (BSW) Artificial Intelligence Integration in Heavy Oil Steam Flood Central Gathering Station Facilities Through Machine Learning Regression Model Implementation P.P. Jati, A.N. Santoso, A. Sani, M. Kumar, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
12:30 - 13:00
eP04  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 4 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215361 Production & Operations Surfactants Structured by Nanoparticles to Stabilise Co2 Foam at High Temperature P. Karadkar, Saudi Aramco; S. Ali, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; T. Shehri, B. Harbi, Saudi Aramco; M. AlSakkaf, M. Mansha, S. Khan, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
215219 Production & Operations Sand Erosion and Deposition Risk Mapping Using Network Model: A Case Example from Offshore Malaysia Z. M Zin, T. Tg Aziz, I.X. Chee, T. Tuan Mahmud, K.M. Tham, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
215342 Production & Operations Optimisation Chemical Acid Stimulation by Improving Selection Intervals in Lateral Section of Horizontal Well in X Field Heavy Oil Steam Flood F. Fatichin, W.R. Paksi, Z. Apriyanto, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215246 Production & Operations A Novel Framework for Improved Operating Practices in Offshore Produced Water Systems I.F. Mohd Ariff, N. Abu Hashim, S.N. Nadzmi, S.K. Chloe Tan, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
215299 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Analysis of the Oil Distribution and Evolution Characteristics of Gulong Shale Oil Plays Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) F. Xu, H. Jiang, K. Zhou, Y. Wang, M. Liu, M. Zhang, J. Li, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
215291 Production & Operations Intensified Steam Injectionprocess for In-situ Upgrading and Recovery Of High-sulfur Extra-heavy Oil Byco-injection of Nickel-based Oil-soluble Catalyst and Multicomponent Hydrogen-donor Solvent A.A. Al-Muntaser, M.A. Varfolomeev, I.F. Minkhanov, A.V. Bolotov, M.A. Suwaid, R. Djimasbe, R.I. Kadyrov, S.A. Sitnov, S.A. Saeed, A.V. Vakhin, Kazan Federal University; S.I. Kudryashov, I.S. Afanasiev, JSC Zarubezhneft oil company
215392 An Experimental Method for Measuring the Three-phase Relative Permeability of Oil, Gas and Water by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance J. Chang, Z. Song, University of Petroleum China Beijing; B. Ji, Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute; X. Han, Y. Song, University of Petroleum China Beijing; W. Pu, Southwest Petroleum University
215382 Production & Operations Enhancing Fracturing of Tight Carbonate Using Plug and Perf Technique”- Case Study M.O. Awad, A.A. Sajer, A.M. Qamber, Kuwait Oil Company; H.S. Ibrahim, F. Robles, Q. Song, Halliburton Overseas Limited
215307 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Discontinuous Chemical Flooding: An Effective Approach to Achieve Sustainable Oil Production for Mature Reservoir J. Zhang, Y. Jin, E. Tang, F. Yu, W. Zhou, Z. Zhang, B. Huang, CNOOC Research institute, NKLOOGE
215370 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Hydraulic Fracturing Breakthrough in the New Low-quality Reservoir Target from Paku Field, Rokan Block, Central Sumatra Basin H. Kurniawan, A. Pradana, A.S. Safarina, M.H. Prasetio, I. Kristanto, H. Tjahjono, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215399 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Compositional Modelling of Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Dimethyl Ether-enhanced Carbon Dioxide Water-alternating-gas Process Y. Choi, K. Seo, K.S. Lee, Hanyang University
215479 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 'Sweet Spot' Identification and Characterisation of Yingxiongling Shale Oil Reservoir by Integrating 2D Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data, Spectroscopy Data and Dielectric Data S. Zhang, Y. Li, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company; L. Cai, J. Wu, SLB; D. Zhang, Y. Liu, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company; X. Zhao, SLB
14:00 - 15:30
Panel Session 3: Emerging Trends in the Digital Transformation - Beyond AI and Automation Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

Today is the era of digital innovation; innovation to support organisations in their digital transformation journey. The data science approach, along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, has provided a paradigm shift in how we operate in the oil, gas, and energy industries. However, many emerging digital technologies, such as cloud computing, rig automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, Immersive Reality, digital twins, and 5G communications, are rapidly changing the landscape of various aspects of the oil and gas industry. In addition, there is enormous pressure and opportunity for the energy industry to improve the overall efficiency and economics of the business.

The panel session will address the emerging trends in digital transformation beyond AI and automation and the breakthroughs in digital innovation that can provide a substantial impact in solving challenging engineering and operational problems. The panel will discuss how these technologies can be leveraged to automate repetitive processes, provide remote control capabilities to operations, introduce new ways of collaboration, reduce health and safety risks, and, in turn, deliver actionable insights to do more with less. This session will also address the strategic importance of adoption, the challenges, the roadmap, and ways to harness these emerging technologies, with examples of the impact on delivering more efficiency and productivity to organisations.

Session Chairs

Shripad Biniwale
Global Innovation Manager - Subsurface & Planning

Shankar Bhukya
Sales and Technical Support Manager – APAC
NOV Grant Prideco™


Dzulkarnain Azaman
Senior General Manager Upstream Digital and Technology

Tomi Ihwanto
Manager Integrated Optimisation Decision Support Center (IODSC)
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Lyndsey Lomas
Vice President Digital for Asia

14:00 - 15:30
TS13  Technical Session 13: Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Dipak Mandal - Dialog Energy Sdn Bhd, Nicholas Moses - SLB
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215225 Production & Operations Alkali-polymer EOR Flooding in Europe: Part I - Surface: Water Softening Field Tests in Presence of Back-produced Polymer M. Marx, R. Grillneder, M. Lueftenegger, C. Krenn, M. Kornberger, R.E. Hincapie, OMV E&P Exploration & Production GmbH
1420-1440 215274 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Optimising the Carbon Footprint of Polymer Injection Utilising a Deep Learning Log Interpretation Framework K. Katterbauer, A.A. Alshehri, S.F. Hassan, A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 215375 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geomechanical Modelling and Fractures Permeability Analysis to Identify Critically Stressed Natural Fractures and the Best Well Orientation for Optimum Production S. Asadi, A. White, Baker Hughes
1500-1520 215264 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Management Integration of Asset Development and Asset Optimisation Aspect in Managing DSf Field New Area Steam Flood Project M. Nuruddin, M. Aji, C. Pradana, S. Raharja, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
14:00 - 15:30
TS14  Technical Session 14: Production and Recovery Enhancement Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Jack Harfoushian - SLB, Takaaki Uetani - INPEX
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215478 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessment of Different Field Development Strategies Deploying Maximum Reservoir Contacting (MRC) Well in Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study of Oilfield R H. Jia, M. Tong, H. Peng, RIPED, PetroChina: Artificial Intelligence and Technology R&D for Exploration and Development, CNPC; X. Deng, RIPED, PetroChina; R. Song, University of California, Santa Cruz; R. Wang, RIPED, CNPC
1420-1440 215393 Production & Operations Holistic Approach of Inorganic Scale Inhibition Application in Extending Well Production Life N.A. Mat Deris, Hibiscus Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited; C.J. Siew, A. Khoo, Hibiscus Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited Malaysia; M.A. Abd Rahim, F. Arief Salleh, Hibiscus Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited; A.A. Amsidom, PETRONAS
1440-1500 215297 Production & Operations Chemical Stimulation SuccessStories - A New Integrated Process to Support Massive Aggressive Strategy in Complex Operation of World Largest Steam Flood Field A. Terosela, F. Efendi, Y. Etri, W. Promono, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
1500-1520 215372 Completions Field B Oil Recovery Improvement Through Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD), A Case Study M.H. Ariffin, PETRONAS; M.N. Mansor, Dialog Bayan Petroleum; R. Marimuthu, Tendeka; F.A. Salleh, N.A. Wahid Ali, R. Guillory, PETRONAS
14:00 - 15:30
TS15  Technical Session 15: Gas Supply and Technology Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Mohd Faizal Sedaralit - PETRONAS, Sharina Mohd Salim - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215405 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Early and Accurate Quantification of Mercury Contaminant Levels in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs J.M. Babadimas, J. Bretherton, J. Lawer, B. van Deijl, Woodside Energy Ltd.; B. Toole, M. Anderson, Expro Group Australia Pty Ltd; D. Gerard, Core Laboratories Australia Pty Ltd; J.H. Harfoushian, SLB
1420-1440 215319 Projects, Facilities & Construction A Decision Method at the Concept Select Stage for Choosing Onshore LNG or Floating LNG Production Facilities for Large Offshore Gas Discoveries C.S. Meulengracht, NRG Models A/S; J.A. Djupvik, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
1440-1500 215329 Production & Operations Novel Compact Integrated Cyclone and Filtration System for Solid Mercury Removal M.Z. Mohd Sahak, M.M. Myo Thant, A. Alias, S. Abdul Salam, M.A. Ehsan, A.S. M Hanafiah, Petroliam Nasional Berhad
Alternate 215369 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Maximising Gas Resources and Monetisation Through Gas Cap Blow Down - A Late Field Life Strategy for Sustainable Domestic Gas Supply in Peninsular Malaysia M. Azman, N. Mohamad Ruzlan, H. Basri, S. Kumar, T. Tunku Kamaruddin, N. Kosnon, K.B. Salleh, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
14:00 - 15:30
TS16  Technical Session 16: Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Sameh Adel Schoeib - United Safety International FZ - LLC, Yulia Tirtasiwi Sekti - North Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215416 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Integrity Management Pass Panel Review Form: A Tool for Reviewing Critical Topside Pressure System Anomaly in an Offshore Normally Unmanned Installation During Drilling and Well Intervention Activities A.T. Harmantoro, PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ)
1420-1440 215483 Production & Operations Green House Gas Emission Reduction Through Process Improvement at Flaring System in Offshore Gas Production Platform in Malaysia L. Koh, A.H. Sia, N.S. Mahmud, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1440-1500 215229 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Top 8 Digital Safety Trends in Oil and Gas in 2023 E. Daher, United Safety
1500-1520 215295 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Analysis of Accidents and Efficacy of Risk Management Practices of E&P Sector and Outlining More Pragmatic Approaches for the Management & Energy Regulators D.A. Gaikwad, ONGC Ltd.
15:30 - 16:00
eP05  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 5 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215251 Drilling Evolution of a Versatile HTHP Water-based Drilling Fluid Improved Drilling Efficiency Offshore Vietnam L. Moroni, K. Fatkullin, T.T. Bao, Baker Hughes
215228 Production & Operations Graphene Nanoplatelets For Extended Lifetime Of Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatment In High Temperature Reservoir S. Zainal, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; N. Razali, PETRONAS; M. Rodzali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
215436 Completions Optimising Clean Out Proppant Methods After Premature Screen Out Fracturing Job in Telikota Field, Central Sumatera Basin N.A. Nataliawati, M.A. Yogasugama, I.F. Kurniawan, R.H. Pinem, M.H. Prasetio, J. Salim, N.L. Hamdani, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215344 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Agile FDP of Complex Brownfield Fast-tracked by Digital Cloud Technologies A. Bashir, M.A. Ab Wahab, PETRONAS; Y. Seah, SLB; Y. Tan, S.K. Dhal, V.S. Garimella, PETRONAS
215446 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low Quality Reservoir Infill Development - Case Study of Kotabuana Field M. Yogasugama, M.H. Prasetio, A. Rahman, D. Aulia, I. Yunitasari, F.L. Krisnanda, M. Lasmono, M. Afifabyan, R. Aditya, R. Mekarsari, U. Jauhari, R.M. Putra, D. Rakasiwi, D. Sutyastomo, M. Irfan, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215279 Production & Operations Ocean Sheen Caused by Complex of Solids, Micro Asphalts and Iron - Investigation and Solution L.M. Franca, D. Fakunle, D. Silva, Baker Hughes
215463 Production & Operations Foaming Issue During Chemical EOR Field Trial: Handil Field Experience N. Sastra, G. Evelina, R.A. Wulandari, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
215231 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development of a Unified PVT Model for a Large Heavy Oil Field in Kuwait Y. Alali, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Verlaan, Shell
215476 Production & Operations Extending the Production Lifetime of Oil Well with Paraffin Problems Through Thermal Application of Mobile Steam Injection in Mature Field S. Pratama, L.N. Azhim, A. Suwitno, S. Daniel, M.E. Saputra, M.D. Susilo, A.G. Imansyah, S. Sucipto, A.A. Kuncoro, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan Zona 4
215221 Production & Operations Unlocking Condition Monitoring Platform Through Implementation of Digital Enablement Platform to Support Flawless Operations R. Zuhruffani, F.A. Rahman, I.F. Rokhmad, ExxonMobil Cepu
215455 Production & Operations Major Greenhouse Gas Reduction from Flare Verification M.F. Mohamad Nor Azli, S.M. Seah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
215286 Projects, Facilities & Construction Solar Power System For Zawtika Block Valve Stations (ZBV-1 & ZBV-2) Main Power Supply H. Win, PTTEP International Limited (Yangon); S. Sassanapitak, PTTEP International Limited
215323 Drilling Self-Degradable Loss Control Pill to Arrest Fluid Loss During Workover of Wells in Depleted and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs M. Qamruzzaman, D.C. Roy, R. Raman, ONGC Limited
16:00 - 17:30
Panel Session 4: Energy Transition and Renewable Energy Progression Towards Net Zero Carbon Aspiration Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

There has been increasing public and government pressure regarding the impact of the oil and gas industry on the climate. Sustainable-energy investments are gaining traction, as more and more upstream companies face pressure to decarbonise and establish emission-reduction strategies to achieve net-zero targets. Decarbonisation of the oil and gas industry, with a transition to low-carbon energy, will intensify, and renewable energy, along with hydrogen, is gaining momentum.

Research and development, as well as innovation, play a crucial part in formulating technical solutions and lowering the cost of renewable energy. Many hurdles still remain for the widespread use of renewables, both technical and economic. Government incentives and policies, including carbon pricing, will also play a role.

This panel will focus on the transition strategies and initiatives taken by the oil and gas industry towards net-zero carbon. It will discuss the pace of energy transition to renewables, the challenges faced in mature fields, and the roles of, and collaboration amongst, various stakeholders towards this aspiration.

Session Chairs

Prady Chaliha
General Manager – Development
Osaka Gas Australia

Edy Suwito
Senior GGR
PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam


Fadli Rahman
Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development
PT Pertamina Power

Chris Stavinoha
General Manager
CCUS Solutions
Chevron New Energies

Hariadi Budiman
Chief Representative
Esso Indonesia Inc

16:00 - 17:30
TS17  Technical Session 17: Wellbore, Stability and Drilling Fluids Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Sadegh Asadi - Baker Hughes, Parimal Patil - ExxonMobil
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215447 Drilling Predrill Geomechanical Modelling and Operational Guidance Helped to Successful Horizontal Drilling - A Case Study from Madura Offshore PSC, East Java, Indonesia J.P. Panjaitan, D. Nurdin, H. Putranto, A. Situmeang, Medco E&P Indonesia; R. Sagita, BakerHughes; R.M. Chrislianto, A. Ghosh, Baker Hughes
1620-1640 215469 Drilling Fracture Gas Reservoir Drilling Campaign - Challenges and Lessons Learnt from Suban Field in Indonesia: Case Study Suban-x J. Rismanda, B.R. Permana, R. Widyaningsih, Medco E&P Grissik Ltd.
1640-1700 215193 Drilling Microemulsions in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Review A.J. Gangwar, S. Maitra, Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy
1700-1720 215294 Drilling Pre-Drill Geomechanical Modelling And Wellbore Stability Analysis For Successful Drilling In A Highly Overpressured Shale Zone And Potential Losses Carbonate Zone - A Case Study From West Tuban Block, East Java, Indonesia R.M. Chrislianto, R. Sagita, A. Ghosh, Baker Hughes; R.M. Putra, N. Hisanah, PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi
16:00 - 17:30
TS18  Technical Session 18: Oil and Gas Project Case Studies  Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Kiang Fei Ng - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215197 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Re-activation of Fractured Gas Reservoir with Active Bottom Water at the Late-stage Development: A Success Story from Weiyuan Gas Field, China T. Zhang, G. Ma, Southwest Petroleum University; H. Ye, L. Zhou, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.; H. Zhou, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas field Company; Y. Zhao, L. Zhang, R. Zhang, Southwest Petroleum University
1620-1640 215387 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Attic-oil Zone Redevelopment to Improve Oil Recovery in Almost Watered-out Reservoirs: Baturaja K-s Case R. Arnold, A. Malau, C. Ardan, D. Ultra, E.F. Saib, A. Aryanto, H. Lazuardi, A. Hidayat, S.N. Hidayat, PT Medco E&P Indonesia
1640-1700 215443 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Decoding Contaminants. A Case Study to Understand Source, Origin, and Distribution Of H2s and Co2 off the Coast of Sarawak, Offshore Malaysia R. Masoudi, S. Nayak, A. Patrick Panting, N.A. Abd Hamid, M. Mohd Diah, M. B Samsuri, PETRONAS; M. Hoesni, Beicip-Franlab Asia
1700-1720 215285 Projects, Facilities & Construction An Onshore to Offshore Conceptual Model to Characterise Structural Domain in West Timor Basin A. Andaru, Australian National University; M.B. Wiranatanagara, M.Y. Madjid, N. Ardiansyah, J. Kristian, BPPMG LEMIGAS

Thursday, October 12

09:00 - 10:30
Panel Session 5: Technology Enablers to Maintain the Base Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

Over the past four decades, the energy landscape has undergone significant changes, but one thing has remained constant: the ever-increasing demand for stable and secure energy as the world's population continues to grow and economies expand. This trend is expected to continue as we look to the future. However, we need to find more efficient and sustainable ways of meeting this growing energy demand while addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Technology has enabled us to economically monetise our resources, execute projects, and increase production over the years. Technology and expertise will continue to be the key enabler as we move towards monetising our resources more efficiently, sustainably and increasing production to meet global energy demand while reducing carbon footprint.

This panel session will discuss how technology can play a vital role in protecting our base production while simultaneously pivoting our commitment towards net-zero carbon. In this session, we will hear from experts from R&D backgrounds and the industry on various global strategies, initiatives and challenges to produce energy using purpose-fit technology in a viable manner.

Session Chairs

Khairul Nizam Idris
Principal Production Technology

Khairina Khairul Anuar
Staff Well Intervention
PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd


Norhayati Hashim
Head, Technology Research and Chief Executive Officer
Petronas Research Sdn. Bhd.

Julfree Sianturi
Manager Subsurface Development Area 2
PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam

Shripad Biniwale
Global Innovation Manager

Dipak Mandal
Advisor Reservoir Engineering
Dialog Energy Sdn. Bhd.

09:00 - 10:30
TS19  Technical Session 19: Business Management of Oil and Gas  Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Jason Chin Hwa Kok - Grit Energy Sdn. Bhd., Amirul Adha Amsidom - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 215258 Production & Operations An Industry Game Changer Approach in Managing Medium-high Complexity of Well via Robust Risk & Reward Contract Strategy - A Win-win Concept For Both Operators & Service Providers M.B. Mohd Khaidir, N.E. Hamzah, F. Yahaya, W. W Othman, C.H. Leong, K. Khairul Anuar, A. Amsidom, N. A Kadir, C.Y. Xiong, A. Nordin, S. Md Saleh, PETRONAS
0920-0940 215365 Management & Information Pursuing 1 % Loss Production Mature Oil Field Using Artificial Intelligent M. Silaban, W. Nur Hasan, R.A. Wibawa, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan; C. Ichsan, Patra Drilling Contractor; Y. Alamsyah, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
0940-1000 215462 Management & Information The Contingent Resources Class: Non- Differentiation of Contingent Resources and its Implications K. Van Der Haar, RISC
1000-1020 215318 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessing the Value of Reservoir Surveillance Data from Gas Fields Producing to LNG Plants Using VoI (the Value of Information) D.I. O'Reilly, Z.Q. Xia, A.R. House, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
09:00 - 10:30
TS20  Technical Session 20: Reservoir Simulation and Modelling II Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Shuhong Wu - RIPED, PetroChina, Ahmad Khanifar - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 215349 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupled Numerical Simulation Modelling of Depleted Gas Reservoir for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration S. Mousavi Mirkalaei, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; A. Khanifar, PETRONAS; M. Edmondson, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
0920-0940 215397 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimising Well Trajectories Using Sequential, Hybrid Sequential, and Fully Concurrent Method Utilising Machine Learning: A Case Study of a Tight Limestone Reservoir R. Rizkiaputra, T. Nopranda, D. Ramadhan, L. Luqman, E. Sinlae, A. Subekti, Medco E&P; A.R. Azhar, Rock Flow Dynamics
0940-1000 215312 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Physical Simulation and Improved Numerical Simulation Method of Non-condensable Gas Co-injection in SAGD Process G. Liang, Y. Liu, Q. Xie, Z. Xia, S. Liu, J. Zhou, Y. Boa, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, CNPC
1000-1020 215364 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterisation of Reservoir Properties Calibrating with Production Data for Carbon Capture and Storage in the Depleted Gas Reservoirs - An Integrated Assisted History Matching Approach for Reservoir Simulation S. Tripoppoom, C. Doungprasertsuk, P. Pongthunya, T. Prasertbordeekul, PTTEP
09:00 - 10:30
TS21  Technical Session 21: Cementing Technologies and Well Integrity Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Siti Najmi Farhan Zulkipli - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Fikri Irawan - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 215421 Drilling A Case History - The First Successful Managed Pressure Cementing Operation in Over-pressure and Narrow Drilling Window Environment Using Swamp Barge Drilling Rig, Indonesia K.A. Yasmin, J.M. Zein, D.E. Lubis, A. Prasthio, A. Faradilah, Weatherford
0920-0940 215358 Completions Performance Assessment Of Enhanced Geopolymer Cement Technology For Co2-rich Well A. A Razak, Y. Sazali, N. Zulkarnain, S. Rahman, M. Ebining Amir, M. Habarudin, L. Riyanto, PETRONAS; A. A Hamid, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
0940-1000 215308 Drilling Alternative Solution for Deepwater Shallow Flow Hazard: Case Study from Shell Deepwater Project Y. Hoe, T. Heu, Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited; S. Lee, R. Mohd-Radzi, F. Yeap, Sarawak Shell Berhad; J. Edwards, Shell USA; C. Charan Suri, R. Lo, Baker Hughes
1000-1020 215304 Completions Implementation of Recompletion Using Heavy Workover Unit 340 Klbs Unit to Solve Well Integrity Problem in New Oil Well: A Success Story and Lesson Learnt from Handil Field I.L. Ulinnuha, A. Umar, A. Suhartanto, G.L. Wijaya, M. Alyasa, D. Setiawan, R. Kusuma, M. Hidayat, R. Setiadi, E. Suwito, T. Aditya Pradana, M.N. Jamal, M. Risal, M.I. Maulana, N.S. Maz, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
10:30 - 11:00
eP06  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 6 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215481 Production & Operations Removal of Flow Instability Through the Use of Multiple Converging Gas Lift Ports (MCGLP) in Gas Lift Wells D. Gunwant, N. Kishore, R. Gogoi, S. Devshali, K.L. Chanchlani, H. Rajak, S.K. Meena, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
215302 Fortifying Upstream Data Governance - Establishing Centralised Data Governance and Assurance “Control Tower” N.S. Zait, M.A. Mohamed Ghazali, H. Lee, N. Mat Ghani, N. Nur Ismail, Z. Zakaria, M.H. Mohamad Isa, D. Azaman, PETRONAS
215256 Drilling Casing Conductor Installation With Auger Drilling To Secure Uncompacted Surface Formation K. Gibran, R. Ritamawan, A.M. Saragih, N.T. Wicaksono, M.A. Malik, Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga; R.H. Prestywa, F. Khasbianto, Trimitra Manunggal Energi
215396 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simultaneous Gas Production And Co2 Recycling For Sequestration in an Integrated Field and Storage Development Plan (FSDP): A Case Study A. Khanifar, R.D. Tewari, R. Masoudi, M.F. Bin Sedaralit, PETRONAS; S.M. MousaviMirkalaei, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
215296 Production & Operations Success Story of Pressure Network Optimisation Application on Multi-problem Surface and Subsurface Facilities Ardjuna Field M.A. Setiawan, D.T. Saputra, M.J. Abdul Goni, I.S. Yusup, M. Arifin, W. Arifin, PHE ONWJ
215434 Drilling Kuwait's First Successful Implementation of Managed Pressure Cementing in Deep Jurassic Reservoirs of Kra Al-maru Field J. Ekpe, A. Al-Shehab, A.H. Al-Othman, S. Baijal, Kuwait Oil Company; G. Marin, H. Benyounes, A. Aliyeva, R. Alqabandi, B. Al-Fakeh, Weatherford (WFD)
215366 Drilling Performance Improvement in Wellbore Side-tracking: A Case Study of Dual-casing Exit in Mahakam Offshore R. Sinaga, R.H. Hutahaean, L. Andhika, A. Nurmida, K.P. Haryasukma, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
215224 Management & Information The Evolution of Estimated Ultimate Recovery Estimates Over the Project Life Cycle: Lessons Learnt from Three Examples W. Nah, P.A. Adam, Gaffney, Cline & Associates Pty. Ltd.
215381 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Innovative Approach on Maximising Recovery and Sustaining Field Development in Sisi Nubi P. Sjahbunan, B.S. Handoko, J. Sianturi, B. Fatkhurroyan, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam; M.A. Jannatan, PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
215423 Production & Operations Elevating Offshore Operation Frontliner Critical Position Competency Through Customise Capability Framework Y.B. Yusof, M.B. Bawan, H.B. M Nur Djuli, H. Wijaya, H. M Idrus, PETRONAS
215199 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Field Wide Intervention-less Reservoir Pressure Data Acquisition Through the Application of Echometer - A Case Study A. Basri, F. M Noordin, Z. Zainul, F.H. Hassan, A. Chin, D. Ho, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Haslan, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
215341 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Gas/water Transient Rate Analysis and Parameters Evaluation by Integrating Pseudopressure-based Approach with Deep-learning Method J. Wang, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development
215263 Production & Operations A Novel and Cost-effective Dry Friction Reducer Based Slickwater for Unconventional Reservoir Stimulation Z. Qi, T. Huang, Aramco Beijing Research Center; R. Kalgaonkar, F. Alghunaimi, Saudi Aramco
11:00 - 12:30
Project Session 3: Rokan Project Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

To achieve the production target of 1 MMBOD and 12 BCSFD by 2030 set by the Government of Indonesia, massive drilling operations are required to boost oil and gas production.

The Rokan Block will be the main driver to achieve these objectives and will target the drilling of more than 500 wells per year.

The operation needs to ensure the safe delivery of more than 500 wells per year, which requires special resource management and planning, as well as flawless execution. The challenges include contractor management, as contractors will also be stretched to provide equipment and services on time and with very short delays.

The session will discuss safety, engineering, and procurement strategies to ramp up the activities of 27 rigs in a duration of less than 20 months. The factory drilling approach by the project management office (PMO), standardisation of well design, and continuous improvement in Lean Six Sigma will be highlighted in this session. The use of digitalisation to support and optimise delivery will also be discussed, including digital HSSE, machine learning for rig move optimisation, and more.

In addition to drilling project management, sub-surface challenges to streamline candidate selection to maturation shall also be considered in the context of a mature field. Surface facility and construction to support rig move, well site preparation, and well connection are also critical to ensure timely production output from newly drilled wells.


Bonifasius Muryanto
Senior Manager Drilling Well Intervention – Operation
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi


Vendy Hendrawan Suprapto
Vice President
Operational Excellence and Health Environment Safety
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Lysa Aryanti
Senior Manager Well Development
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Candy Wijaya Tjong
Senior Manager Drilling Engineering
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Erwin Sinisuka
Vice President Facility Engineering
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan

11:00 - 12:30
TS22  Technical Session 22: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) II Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Prady Chaliha - Osaka Gas Australia, Nor Idah Kechut - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 215277 Drilling Environmentally Friendly Co2 Resistance Cement for Carbon Capture Storage Project: First Deployment in Offshore Malaysia L. Riyanto, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd; A. Kumar, M. Shahril, C. Lau, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; Y. Sazali, M. Ebining Amir, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd; B. Jain, S. Kapoor, A. Yakovlev, A. Duong, W. Chong, SLB
1120-1140 215448 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Proxy Model and Reservoir Simulation for CO2 Injection Optimisation in Multi-layer Depleted Reservoirs: A Case Study of CCS Project in Gulf of Thailand S. Tripoppoom, C. Doungprasertsuk, P. Pongthunya, T. Prasertbordeekul, PTTEP
1140-1200 215252 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Chemically Enhanced Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration Using Nanofluids N.K. Jha, Edith Cowan University; H. Kitagawa, M. Abe, T. Sonoda, S. Murakami, Nissan Chemical Corporation; M. Farrokhrouz, A. Keshavarz, S. Iglauer, Edith Cowan University
1200-1220 215271 Management & Information Economic Evaluation for Potential CCUS Integration Project between Ammonia Plant and Oil Field Tertiary Recovery using Co2 Injection in Indonesia M.D. Raksawiguna, M.F. Wirananda, K.A. Yasmin, S. Chandra, Institut Teknologi Bandung
11:00 - 12:30
TS23  Technical Session 23: Reservoir Characterisation II Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Edy Suwito - PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, Chang Liu - RIPED, CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 215232 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Complex Fluid Of South Mahakam: A Fluid Synthesis Case Studies with Overpressure and Gas Striping Phenomena, of Multilayer Reservoirs for Marginal Offshore Gas Field Development in the Manpatu Field D.S. Fajar, F.A. Utama, M. Rushatmanto, Pertamina
1120-1140 215454 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancing Well Control Safety with Dynamic Well Control Cloud Solutions: Case Studies of Successful Deep Transient Test in Southeast Asia M. Abu Talib, M. Ahmad Kassim, I.I. Marzuki, A. Azwan Azid, S. Teaga Rajan, M.B. Fadzil, E. Motaei, C. Chua, R.D. Jaua, F. Jamaldin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; S. Ting, S. Daungkaew, A. Gisolf, L. Chen, A. Mutina, J. Yang, N. Hademi, R. Nandakumal, S. Wattanapornmongkol, SLB
1140-1200 215449 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Resolving Productivity Mismatched with an Integrated NMR Pore to Production Solution J. Jee, SLB; A.A. Azmi, HIBISCUS; M. Daud, K.F. Wong, S.S. Lee, R. Ramdzani, S. Kalidas, SLB
1200-1220 215327 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Intelligent Detection of SEM Mineralogy Using Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm in Geothermal Sedimentary Reservoir: Case Study with Quantification of Quartz Overgrowth A. Andaru, Australian National University; S. Sausan, Stanford University
11:00 - 12:30
TS24  Technical Session 24: Artificial Lift Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Muhammad Rizwan Rozlan - PETRONAS, Marda Vidrianto - Pt Pertamina Hulu Energy
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 215422 Production & Operations Dump-Flooding Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Approach and Lessons Learned in Sustaining Production Cycle N. Nasharudin, C. Siew, M. Ibrahim, Hibiscus Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited (HML); E. Alexander, Artificial Lift Solutions Limited (ALS); E. Bespalov, SLB; N. A'Akif Fadzil, H. Bakar, PETRONAS
1120-1140 215394 Completions Success Story of a Novel Completion Technology of Hybrid ESP-Gas Lift System Trial H. Pramana, C.C. Mario, A. Nugrahanto, A.L. Hakim, A. Eviany, A.S. Murtani, Saka Energi Indonesia
1140-1200 215230 Production & Operations New Pillar of Mature Field Production Strategy: A Success Story of ESP Upsizing Pilot Project A. Aryanto, A. Malau, A. Hidayat, M.H. Nugroho, C. Yassin, H. Lazuardi, Medco E&P Indonesia
1200-1220 215474 Production & Operations A New Artificial Lift Approach in Telisa Low Productivity Reservoir: Utilised Very Low-rate ESP A. Aryanto, A. Malau, H.T. Hanuranto, Medco E&P Indonesia
12:30 - 13:00
eP07  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 7 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215373 Production & Operations A Pumping Well Wireless Communication Technology Based on Load Pulse of Sucker Rod Q. Yang, C. Liao, Z. Hao, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, PetroChina; Q. Shen, J. Xu, Jilin Oilfield Oil & Gas Engineering Research Institute, PetroChina; H. Zhao, Xinli Oil Production Plant of Jinlin Oilfield of PetroChina; Y. Li, S. Du, Xinmu Oil Production Plant of Jinlin Oilfield of PetroChina
215465 Projects, Facilities & Construction Malaysia's Multinational Oil and Gas Company Critical Decision in Production and Operations Management and the Company Competitive Strategy M. Ahmad Shatiry, A. Abu, M. Basri, PETRONAS
215351 Completions Success Story of Repairing Casing Leak Near Surface Using a "Bandage" Cementing Technique in Central Sumatra Basin I.F. Kurniawan, J.H. Tarigan, N.L. Hamdani, R. Dova, N.A. Nataliawati, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215433 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrating Real-time Extra Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Inversion, Density Image, and Mud-gas in Successful Geosteering of Near-horizontal Wells N. Wahid Ali, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; N.H. Viet, Baker Hughes; A. Mustafa, N. Md Dahlan, N.A. Hassan, M. Ariffin, F.A. Salleh, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
215301 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterisation of Micro-Nano Pore Structures in Shale Oil Reservoirs and FIB-SEM 3D Reconstruction: A Case Study Y. Zhang, Z. Song, Y. Meng, L. Zhang, Q. Zhou, Unconventional Petroleum Research Institute China University of Petroleum, Beijing
215203 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Effective Method for Complex Fracture Evaluations in Fractured Sandstone Reservoirs T. Jia, C. Wang, The Gas Production Plant 2 of Changqing Oilfield Company; W. Jin, X. Zhao, The Oil Production Plant 6 of Changqing Oilfield Company; J. Li, B. Tang, L. Yue, K. Wen, T. Jiang, The Gas Production Plant 2 of Changqing Oilfield Company; P. Dong, China University of Petroleum at Beijing
215331 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pore-network Simulations of Gas-water Two Phases Flow in Organic-rich and Inorganic-rich Shale Y. Wang, Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Development Co. Ltd; H. Zhou, Southwest Petroleum University; J. Cai, Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Development Co. Ltd; Y. Zhao, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu; J. Zheng, H. Zhou, Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Development Co. Ltd; T. Zhang, Southwest Petroleum University; H. Tian, Geology Research Institute of Greatwall Drilling Company.CNPC
215445 Production & Operations Improving Offshore Effluent Discharge Quality (EDQ) for High Contaminant Fields Through Chemical Treatment Optimisation and Process Control Tuning V.F. Lai, K.H. Lee, N.S. Mahmud, N.A. Kamaruddin, R.N. Raja Sahar, N.A. Rahim, S. Ain, W.B. Robert, M. M Sarin, Z.Z. Hwang, K.Z. Chieng, F.A. Latif, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M.S. Zamri, Sumisaujana TCM Sdn. Bhd.; F. Abdullah, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions
215262 Completions Lesson Learned from the Hydraulic Fracturing of China’s Shale Oil Field S. Li, B. Cai, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina; X. Jin, Fengcheng Oilfield Operation Area of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, PetroChina; X. Yi, Oil and Gas and New Energy Company, PetroChina; J. Li, M. Wang, J. Li, Engineering Technology Research Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, PetroChina; C. He, H. Zhang, X. Yan, Y. Gao, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina
215202 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Carbon Tax Regulation for Oil and Gas Industries: Impact and Macroeconomic Effect in Indonesia T.A. Beryll, A.P. Inda, A.R. Mahendra, I.A. Mujahidin, M.E. Ramdhani, M.F. Dzahabi, Universitas Pertamina
215428 Management & Information Strategic Approach towards Technology Management and Implementation at Upstream Business G. Tan, Z. Zulkifli, N. M Noh, M. Ismail, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
215427 Drilling Improving Drilling Efficiency Using Intelligent Decision System for Drilling in Bohai Oilfield Based on Big Data T. Xie, China University of petroleum-BeiJing; CNOOC China Limited, TianJin Branch;; X. Hou, H. Huo, H. Lin, R. He, CNOOC China Limited, TianJin Branch; D. Xu, China University of petroleum-BeiJing; L. Zhang, H. Liu, W. Li, X. Liu, CNOOC China Limited, TianJin Branch
14:00 - 15:30
Panel Session 6: Upcoming Oil and Gas Demand Peak - What Should We Prepare? Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic caused a significant decline in economic activity worldwide, leading to a huge decrease in demand for petroleum products and production cuts. As a result, crude oil inventories were close to reaching record highs, and for the first time in history, NYMEX WTI futures went into negative territory on April 20, 2020. Just two years later, global oil prices skyrocketed to more than $120 per barrel on March 08, 2022, following the Russian-Ukraine war outbreak, reaching the highest level in the past decade.

However, as the industry is cyclical, there will come a time when the oil price falls from its high price environment. This panel session will address preemptive actions that should be taken by the industry to prepare for the upcoming commodities price downturn as economic growth picks up post-pandemic and the aggressive rate increases by the Fed cool off speculation in commodity markets.

Session Chairs

Iswahyuni Fifthana Hayati
Principal Production Technology
Senior Manager, Technical Excellence Upstream Business Development
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi

Arasy Az Zariat
Senior Engineer EOR Reservoir
PT Pertamina EP


Shara Patricia Ciravolo Fesser
Australasia Managing Director

Ali Nasir
Vice President, Legal, Commercial & Planning
Harbour Energy

Muhammad Nurdin
Senior Vice President Production
ExxonMobil Indonesia

Bhayu Widyoko
Senior Manager D&P Planning and Evaluation
PT Pertamina Hulu Energi

14:00 - 15:30
TS25  Technical Session 25: Drilling Technologies Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Shankar Bhukya - NOV Grant Prideco™, Jonggeun Choe - Seoul National University
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215360 Drilling Exceptional Length of Coring Recovery in a Very Loose Sand or Unconsolidated Formation in South Natuna Sea Block B at 8-1/2” Hole Section with a Conventional Full Closure System B.R. Wales, T.H. Aribowo, K. Darmawan, D.M. Hartanto, NOV Inc.; J. Panjaitan, H. Putranto, Medco E&P Indonesia
1420-1440 215456 Drilling FENEX: Enhancing Wells Field Development Plan via Online One-Stop Centre Integrated Platform K. Abd Hamid, L. Norhashimi, A. Omar, M. Khalid, M. Meor Hashim, M. Idris, M. Yusoff, Z.W. Ooi, R. Ghazali, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; S. Sy Idrus, AEM Energy Solution; M. Mhd Yusoff, M. Abdul Rahman, AEM Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd; R. Garg, T. Tengku Abd Aziz, D. N Vivegananthan, Halliburton
1440-1500 215267 Drilling Perfect Infill Drilling And Geosteering with Hybrid Rotary Steerable System and Novel Ultra-deep Resistivity High-definition Mapping Technology - A Case Study from Offshore Australia H. Hoeyland, A. Bakar, N. Iliani, X. Yeoh, A. Fadjarijanto, B. Gallagher, Jadestone Energy; H. Wang, C.K. Singam, Y. Liu, M. Rigden, X. Jiang, E. Mirto, SLB
1500-1520 215334 Drilling The Guiding Principle of Well Placement to Maximise Hydrocarbon Recovery Through Enhanced Reservoir Characterisation and Prolific Seismic-driven Approaches S. Zulkipli, M.S. Hendrawati, N. Abdullah, R. Hardiani, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
14:00 - 15:30
TS26  Technical Session 26: Unconventional Resources II Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Siwei Meng - RIPED, CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215402 Production & Operations Multi-dimensional Acid Fracturing on Deep Carbonate Reservoirs of Yanchang Oil Field: A Case Study G. Liu, Z. Ma, D. Huang, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd; Z. Zhao, Halliburton Energy Services (China) Ltd.; Z. Wang, Halliburton Energy Services (China) Limited; Y. Gao, Halliburton Energy Services (China) Ltd.
1420-1440 215466 Production & Operations A Practical Method for Measuring the Liquid Contact Angle of Fracture Proppant Pack P. Zhang, P.B. Wortman, B. Guo, University of Louisiana At Lafayette; X. Yang, Southwest Petroleum University
1440-1500 215485 Production & Operations Development and Assisted Injection of Sub- and Supercritical Water by the Oil-Soluble Catalysts for the Intensification of Upgrading Process of the Bazhenov Oil Shale and Production of Synthetic Oil R. Djimasbe, M. Varfolomeev, E. Galiullin, A. Al-muntaser, B. Gareev, R. Kadyrov, M. Suwaid, R. Davletshin, Kazan Federal University; K. Prochukhan, Gazpromneft – Technological Partnership LLC
1500-1520 215371 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigating Pore Body, Pore Throat, Nano-pore Wettability Preference in Several Unconventional Kuwaiti Carbonate Reservoirs S. Al-Sayegh, R.E. Flori, Missouri University of Science and Technology; H. Alajaj, University of Missouri Science & Technology; W.H. Al-Bazzaz, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
14:00 - 15:30
TS27  Technical Session 27: Leveraging Digital and AI for Operations Efficiencies Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Shripad Biniwale - SLB, Yong Han Seah - SLB
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 215205 Reinventing Reservoir Characterisation and Properties Prediction Through Core Based Machine Learning Application S. Zulkipli, J. M Shah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1420-1440 215194 Production & Operations Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Approach to Deliver 5800 BOPD from Cyclic Steam Stimulation Job in Krakatau Field S.A. Nainggolan, D. Wilantara, R. Mutiaranti, R.K. Pangastuti, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
1440-1500 215326 Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Gas Well Deliverability Testing? Exploring the Application of Machine Learning in Backpressure Testing S. Bestman, R. Almahdi, A. Alyomny, A. Lawson-jack, Saudi Aramco
1500-1520 215260 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Kuwaiti Carbonate Reservoir Oil Recovery Prediction Through Static Wettability Contact Angle Using Machine Learning Modeling S. Al-Sayegh, Kuwait Oil Company; R.E. Flori, Missouri University of Science and Technology; W.H. Al-Bazzaz, Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research; H. Al-Saedi, Missouri University of Science and Technology; A. Qubian, M. Al Kaouri, Kuwait Oil Company
15:30 - 16:00
eP08  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session 8 Ballroom 2, Ground Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
215420 Management & Information Project Financing of W Asset with Reserve Based Lending (RBL) Method F.A. Warsiyanto, R. Arisetiawan, A. Kurniawan, A.A. Setyawan, PT Energi Mega Persada
215356 Projects, Facilities & Construction Unlocking Additional Production via Immiscible Water Alternate Gas (iWAG) Injection: Utilising Free Flow Production Gas from Neighboring Field and Successful Switchover Execution Despite Possible Hydrate Threat N.B. A Rahman, R.B. Raja Nazri, F.B. Daud, PETRONAS
215368 Production & Operations Maintain Oil Production Equal to 7,600 Bopd Through Vsd Excellent Workflow and Best Practices in 100 ESP Wells S.H. Alkahfi, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan; M.O. Purba, R. Ifani, W. Wusodo, S.A. Garini, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan; I. Junaidy, Baker Hughes Indonesia
215409 Production & Operations Artificial Intelligence based High GOR Well Control Process Technology S.R. Panuganti, A. Khanifar, T.N. Wei, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS); E. Castillano, H.Y. Law, Shell; M.M. Thant, M.Z. Sahak, C.T. Lin, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
215345 Drilling Recover the Well Integrity Issue Successfully in Combined Surface Casing and Intermediate Liner Annular for Offshore Re-entry Well, Case in STS Platform - East Kalimantan, Indonesia S. Laksono, H.B. Palgunadi, R. Aristya, B. Sianturi, PT Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur
215352 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accelerating the Permanent Co2 Storage Process - A Safer and Faster Route to Net Zero S. Mishra, The Boston Consulting Group
215315 Completions Simple Sidetrack to Remediate Wells with Mechanical Downhole Problem: A Case Study of Open Hole Gravel Pack Well Intervention D.P. Pramesty, R.M. Monhendri, D.T. Pambudi, I.W. Wijanarko, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215265 Production & Operations Advancing Well and Remote Compressor Performance Through Data Analytics S. Kongkiatpaiboon, S. Laosuwan, Y. Tangsawanich, C. Sopitviriyaporn, P. Kaivalkritiyaku, S. Payaksiri, M. Parimontonsakul, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production
215325 Production & Operations Best Practice Utilising New Drilled Well Data to Improve Workover Performance in Existing Old Wells Y. Rahman, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan; H. Tjahjono, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan; F. Marawi, Y. Anggreiny, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215216 Unlocking Value from Text: Visualizing Insights with Natural Language Processing in Unstructured Oil and Gas Reports M. Lee, M. Marlot, A. Muhammad Adib, P. Tellapaneni, E. Lawrence, SLB
215488 Production & Operations Key Learning Experience in Managing Prolific High Temperature Wells in Offshore Malaysia K. Khairul Anuar, PETRONAS; J. Barat, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; C.Y. Xiong, M. Idris, PETRONAS
215450 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Implementing Enhanced Reservoir Management to Arrest Natural Decline and Increase Production at Mature Y Field F.A. Marawi, A.M. Avianto, H. Tjahjono, Y. Anggreiny, Y. Rahman, H.S. Moestopo, U.Z. Husna, S.W. Hidayat, PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan
215458 Production & Operations Understanding Cement Gaps: A Blueprint for Microannulus Identification S. Sinha, K. Singh, A. Kumar, S. Dutta, SLB
16:00 - 17:30
Special Session 1: Decarbonisation Technologies in the Petroleum Business Gerbera, Mezzanine Floor

This session discusses existing and emerging technologies to reduce carbon emissions in the Petroleum Exploration and Production industry. The increased uptake of such technologies will contribute to the sustainability of the petroleum industry during the transition to net zero carbon emissions. Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is not included in this session, as this topic will be covered elsewhere in the programme.

Possible topics to be included in this session would include:

  • Adoption of low-carbon fuels such as methanol, LNG, ammonia, hydrogen for logistics support, on-site direct use (internal combustion engines and gas turbines) transport, processing and distribution of product.
  • Electrification using renewable energy or low carbon fuels to replace internal combustion engines and gas turbines, e.g., in marine operations, drilling, transportation, processing and distribution.
  • Energy efficiency improvements including improved process designs and equipment specifications.
  • Vent and flare reduction and fugitive emissions reduction.
  • On-site renewable power generation e.g., solar, wind, wave, geothermal.
  • Economics and decision-making criteria for adoption of such technologies in existing operations and future projects.

Session Chairs

Kevin Lay
Technical Director – Well Engineering
AWT International

Meita Silaban
Team Manager Well Reliability and Optimisation Heavy Oil
PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan


James Laybourn
Regional Head of Sales and Hydrogen and CCUS Segment Lead

Puti Anisa
Facilities Surveillance Supervisor
ExxonMobil Indonesia

16:00 - 17:30
TS28  Technical Session 28: Reservoir Monitoring and Diagnosis Mawar, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Kiang Fei Ng - PETRONAS, Saras Nawangsari - PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215290 Production & Operations Evaluating In-Situ Heat-Generating Fluid Treatment in a Gas Well Using Distributed Temperature Sensing: A Case Study A. Al-Nakhli, Saudi Aramco; D. Ahmed, A. Khan, SLB
1620-1640 215211 Management & Information Planning and Driving a Digital Strategy in Handling Well Intervention Activities; Context of Mahakam, Indonesia Over 4000+ Activities Yearly R. Rahman, H.W. Alam, E. Engellia, M.N. Jamal, D. Nugroho, E. Kuncoro, M. Sobirin, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
1640-1700 215283 Production & Operations Multiphase Flow Diagnostics for Evaluating Gas Shut-Off Performance to Minimise Carbon Footprint A. Giniyatullin, A. Abdul Latif, TGT Oilfield Services Sdn. Bhd.; S. Sidek, T. Ravichandran, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1700-1720 215324 Production & Operations Study on Continuous Monitoring Technology of Fiber-Optic Production Profiling J. Xu, Q. Yang, W. Sun, Y. Duan, H. Huang, Y. Liu, G. Xuan, G. Xu, Jilin Oilfield Company, PetroChina
16:00 - 17:30
TS29  Technical Session 29: Surface and Subsurface Integration Narcissus, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Nurbalqis Mohammad Noh - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Yusuf Alfyan Praditya - Harbour Energy
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215439 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Managing Safety Risk and Oil Spill during Pre-Breakthrough Steam Flood by Steam Early Detection with Artificial Intelligent A.H. Triananda, M. Aji, R.A. Wibawa, R. Pasaribu, M. Silaban, R.A. Rifani, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
1620-1640 215275 Production & Operations Utilising Cost-Effective Finite Energy Gas Lift Scheme as an Alternative Mid Term Gas Lift Solution A.F. Ishak, H. Mohd Nawi, Petrofac (Malaysia - PM304) Limited
1640-1700 215226 Production & Operations Probabilistic Study on Gaslift Compressor Mapping with Network Modelling - How to Stabilise Gaslift Distribution and Optimise Overall Production with the Optimum Gaslift Compressor Combination? M. Polycarp, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; K. Chaw, PETRONAS
1700-1720 215379 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Full Scale Waterflood Project in Tanjung Field: From Reservoir Studies to Execution M.R. Chaerul Shobar, I.K. Oscar Edy, Pertamina Hulu Indonesia; P.T. Syarif, L. Sihotang, A.A. Bagus Cahaya, K.A. Wijaya, Pertamina EP; T.A. Aliefan, A. Fakhruzan, A. Iffah, Pertamina Hulu Indonesia
16:00 - 17:30
TS30  Technical Session 30: Knowledge Management Leatris, Mezzanine Floor
Session Chairpersons Anas Hanafiah - PT Pertamina Hulu Energi
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 215391 Management & Information Downhole Drilling Tool Services Personnel Multi-skill Implementation in Indonesia B. Noviasta, D. Permanasari, SLB
1620-1640 215418 Drilling Strengthening Learning Culture in WK Rokan Through Digitalised Knowledge Management Supporting Dynamics Challenges of Drilling & Completion Operations M.A. Hoviari, I. Dahlil, F.F. Rizki, B. Khoirul Fikri, A.A. Rahman, M. Misnawati, M.R. Prawira, J.S. Lengkong, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan
1640-1700 215215 Digital Champion: A Self-voluntary Program That Brings Vast Impacts in EMCL's Digitalisation Journey A. Silvana, C. Chairunissa, B. Prasetyawati, Y. Oktafian, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd
1700-1720 215461 Management & Information Competency Rulers on Social Performance in Human Rights Management S. Foo, R. Raja Musa, PETRONAS