Tuesday, June 13

08:00 - 17:00
SPE Training Course: Methane Emission Measurement & Mitigation (MEMM)
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Darcy Spady

This one-day session will include a view of best practices for Carbon Management with a focus on fugitive methane reduction. It will include global and local examples of Carbon Regulations, give tools for de-risking regulatory compliances and field-proven methane reduction technology cases. It will be introduced within the framework of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and regional Environmental and Social Metrics as proposed by governments or regulators. This is especially relevant to oil and gas production and the consequent action/strategies producers need to have in place for Regulators, Banks, Investors and Governments. In particular, the session will include two technical discussions regarding the most time-critical components of methane management compliance – fugitive emission leak detection and compressor seal vent gas measurement. The session will also look at the typical data management requirements. It will also cover strategic planning, emissions quantification methodologies, facility design, data management, pneumatics, compression, leak detection and flaring.

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NOTE: 0.8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) awarded for this 1-day course. Questions about these courses can be directed to the Training Department. Training Course fee is in addtion to conference fee and can be found on the Registration Page. 

08:00 - 17:30
LAC Regional Petrobowl Qualifier Regency V

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08:00 - 17:00
LAC Student Paper Contest - Undergraduate Division Ruby

The student paper contest will be held in Trinidad & Tobago alongside LACPEC.


08:00 - 13:00
LAC Student Paper Contest - Masters / PhD Divisions Sapphire

The student paper contest will be held in Trinidad & Tobago alongside LACPEC.


14:00 - 17:00
14:00 - 17:30

Wednesday, June 14

07:00 - 17:30
07:00 - 17:30
08:00 - 12:00
Student Series Topaz - Diamond
  • Mastering the Art of Resume Writing: A Pathway to Success - Roger Attai
  • SPE Members: Being a Wholistic Energy Provider to a Needy World - Darcy Spady
  • SPE Role in the Energy Expansion and Advancing the Careers of Students and Young Professionals - Med Kamal

Roger Attai

Darcy Spady
Managing Partner
Carbon Connect International

Med Kamal
2023 SPE President

08:30 - 10:30
SE01  Opening Plenary Session - Engineered Opportunities: Technologies Shaping the Energy Landscape Regency III-IV
Moderator(s) Eduardo Gildin - L.F. Peterson '36 Professor in Petroleum Engineering – Texas A&M University
Speaker(s) Gail Ramdath - SPE South America and Caribbean Regional Director, Tucker Energy Services, Medhat M. Kamal - 2023 SPE President, Stuart Young - Honourable Minister of Energy and Energy Industries of Trinidad and Tobago, Adam Pantin - SPE Trinidad and Tobago Section Chair, Valaris Plc


Eduardo Gildin
2023 LACPEC Program Committee Advisor
Texas A&M University


Med Kamal
2023 SPE President

Stuart Young
Honourable Minister of Energy and Energy Industries of Trinidad and Tobago

Gail Ramdath
SPE Latin America and Caribbean Regional Director, Tucker Energy Services

Adam Pantin
SPE Trinidad and Tobago Section Chairperson
Valaris Ltd 


10:30 - 19:00
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
01  Equipment, Wells, and Economics: Key Components in Project Success Regency I
Session Chairpersons Jeneece Isaac - Ministry of Energy & Energy Industries-Trinidad Tobago, Lugard Evans Layne - The University of Trinidad & Tobago
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 213111 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multilateral Wells to Control Water Inflow in Reservoir Connected to Active Underlying Aquifers: A Technical and Economic Analysis E.O. Munoz Mazo, C.L. Delgadillo Aya, Ecopetrol S.A; C. Espinosa Leon, TIP Colombia; A. Rueda Lizarazo, L. Toro Agudelo, A.M. Naranjo Pacheco, S. Arango Gomez, G.A. Nava Ardila, J.A. Villasmil Montero, E. Manrique, Ecopetrol S.A
1130-1200 213167 Production & Operations Development and Application of Water and Polymer Injection Control Valves Including Memory Recording of Flow and Pressure To Improve Secondary Recovery Surface and Downhole for Completion Using Side Pocket Mandrels: Case Histories J.P. Torne, JPT Consulting & Services; A. Prada, M.F. Parra, L.R. Munoz, T.J. Acosta, C.F. Berdugo, Ecopetrol SA; J.E. Gonzalez, Sierracol Energy; G. Penuela, G.S. Perez Mora, N. Hernandez, Ecopetrol SA; I.C. Gomez, Sierracol Energy; F.A. Diaz, JPT Consulting and Services
1200-1230 213134 Drilling A Case Study on Enhancing Drilling Efficiency by Analysis of Historical Data and Structured Data Management M. Omer, M.J. Duarte Ballesteros, A. Alvarez, Weatherford International
11:00 - 12:30
02  HSE: Environmentally-Focused Operations and Technology Development Regency V
Session Chairpersons Eugenio Ferrigno - Globant, George Moridis - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 213169 Production & Operations Reducing Environmental Footprint of Borehole Seismic Acquisition by Using DAS on Hybrid Logging Cable H. Duque, A. Lopez, A. Duarte, J. Villasmil, Ecopetrol; M.A. Useche, A. Martinez, S. Mercado, A. Ordoñez, D. Sanchez, D. Marin, SLB
1130-1200 213198 Management & Information Optimization in Field Service Operations: Cost and Reprocesses Reduction Through Lean Six Sigma Implementation S. Camelo, M. Jimenez, J. Pinilla, C.A. Gonzalez, Baker Hughes
11:00 - 12:30
03  Innovative Drilling Technologies: Case Studies Regency VI
Session Chairpersons Ysnardo J Moya - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 213143 Drilling The Introduction of New Rotary Steerable Technology and Automation Drive Performance Drilling In Los Monos Formation in the Subandean Region of Bolivia M.A. Bertarelli, J.A. Barron, Repsol; G.L. Orellana, J. Votruba, R. Dias Cunha, Halliburton
1130-1200 213179 Drilling Overcoming the Operational Challenges of the Amazon Basin and Setting a New Performance Benchmark Using Monobore Wells: A Case Study in Onshore Brazil G. Fernandes, H. Quinones, J. Carvalho, L. Harada, T. Medeiros, H. Sena, Eneva SA
1200-1230 213196 Drilling Innovative Hyperbolic Cutting Structure Brings Step Change in Drilling Efficiency Onshore Mexico P.J. Rosique Avila, S. Anguiano, J.T. Tocantins, J. Ross, O. Luna Gonzalez, SLB
11:00 - 12:30
SE02  Panel I - Present and Future of LNG in the Region and the World Regency II
Moderator(s) Karin Gabriela Gonzalez - Chevron Corporation
Speaker(s) Anderson Ramlochan - Commercial Manager, Midstream, Downstream Operations, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Antero Alvarado - Managing Partner, Gas Energy Latin America, Helena Wisden - LNG Origination Manager, Chevron, Ayasha Nickie - Director, Downstream Petroleum Management Division, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries

On this panel session we will discuss the impact of decarbonization on LNG in the Caribbean and Latin American region, providing an insight on planned/proposed methods of portfolio optimization to assist with navigating market disruptions. We also expect to discuss about the value of longer-term contracts vs spot markets for future sales and the challenges and opportunities in developing pricing innovation methods. 

Antero Alvarado
Managing Partner
Gas Energy Latin America

Anderson Ramlochan
Commercial Manager
Midstream, Downstream Operations
The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago

Ayasha Nickie
Downstream Petroleum Management Division
Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries

12:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 17:30
04  New Technologies and Applications in Directional Drilling and Completions Regency I
Session Chairpersons Ysnardo J Moya - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 213158 Drilling Novel Drilling Engineering Methodology to Enhance Wellbore Positioning and Performance Using Disruptive MWD/LWD Technology J.M. Penaranda, J. Manchola, G.J. Casado, E. Kovarskiy, G. Solar, N.J. Campos, Y.L. Diaz, I. Hernandez, I. Gamba, A.P. Osorio, SLB; C.A. Gandara, M. Moya, J. Pinzon, C. Alcazar, H. Antolinez, M. Molano, Hocol S.A.
1430-1500 213160 Production & Operations Improving Acid Coverage in a Naturally Fractured HPHT Carbonate Reservoir by Combining Chelating Fluids and Chemical Diversion Optimization D. Velazquez, F. Tellez, C. Ramírez, F. Fragachan, M. Omer, Weatherford; F. Figueroa, G. Mejias, B. Brito, GSM
1500-1530 213177 Drilling First Successful Application of Geosteering Drilling in Narrow TVD Window: A Case Study on a Deep Horizontal Gas Well in Bolivian Foothills C. Aponte, V. Soriano, A. Soruco, G. Blanco, YPFB Chaco S.A.; R.M. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
1600-1630 213162 Drilling First Exploratory Multilateral Project in Colombia: Taking Exploration to the Limit, Reducing Environmental Impact L.F. Jaramillo, N. Campos Hernandez, SLB; J.J. Sanchez Martinez, L.M. Jimenez Lopez, H. Acevedo Villareal, Parex Resources
1630-1700 213189 Completions How Fluids Performance Ratio Analysis of ICD/AICV Can Be Used to Analyze Oil Production, Unwanted Water and Gas Breakthrough in Carbonate or Sandstone Reservoirs I. Mohd Ismail, A. Bjerke, V. Mathiesen, InflowControl
1700-1730 213155 Drilling High Performance Water-Based Fluid Replaces Oil-Based Mud on the Execution of a Complex 3D Well Trajectory in Aguarague National Park, Bolivia D. Rojas, A. Soruco, C. Jimenez, V. Soriano, YPFB Chaco S.A.; R.M. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
14:00 - 15:30
05  Lower Carbon Intensity Hydrocarbon Production and Progress in Carbon Utilization Regency II
Session Chairpersons Roberto Aguilera - University of Calgary, Lumay A Viloria-Gomez - Endeavor Management
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 213132 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect of Phase Behavior and Mass Transfer Mechanisms on Crude Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage in a CO2 Injection Process in Colombian Reservoirs C. Ariza Quiroga, TIP Ltda; J.D. Aristizabal, Meridian Ltda; J.J. Martinez Vertel, TIP Ltda; C. Cundar, C. Delgadillo, M.L. Trujillo Portillo, J. Sandoval, G.A. Maya, R. Osorio, Ecopetrol S.A.
1430-1500 213136 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improving Oil Recovery While Helping To Achieve Net Zero Emissions From Shale Reservoirs X. Bao, A. Fragoso-Amaya, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
1500-1530 213185 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Strategy to Manage Mature Oilfields with Renewable Energies E. Quintero Lavado, Tecnopetrol; J. Valdirio, PDVSA; J.D. Bastardo, PETROZAMORA; V. Huerta Quinones, Universidad Nacional De Ingenieria; H. Lorbes, Instituto Universitario Politecnico Santiago Marino
14:00 - 17:30
06  Deriving Reservoir Insights From Novel Static and Dynamic Modeling Regency V
Session Chairpersons Andres Felipe Castano - NSAI, Emilio Coutinho - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 213174 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Another Look at Bovallius, Onshore Southern Basin Trinidad M. Bishop, X.R. Moonan, Touchstone Exploration Trinidad LTD.; W. Lalla, Geological Consultant; L. Anderson, Touchstone Exploration Trinidad LTD.
1430-1500 213106 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Synthetic Fractional Flow Curves Based on Continuous Well Logs Honoring Highly Heterogeneous Properties in Heavy Oil Reservoirs F.J. Ángel Sáez, J.A. Galán Toloza, Ecopetrol SA
1500-1530 213176 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Simulation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation and Solvents Enhanced With Nanocatalysts: A Methodologic Approach M.C. Ruiz Cañas, TIP; H.A. Garcia Duarte, R.A. Perez, E. Manrique, Ecopetrol - ICP
1600-1630 213117 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Input-Output Invariant Fast Proxy Models for Production Optimization M.J. Dall'Aqua, E.J. Coutinho, E. Gildin, Texas A&M University; Z. Guo, H.A. Zalavadia, S. Sankaran, Xecta Digital Labs
1630-1700 213163 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Comprehensive Approach to Organic Precipitation Damage Using Petroleomics, Monte Carlo, and Machine Learning Methods C. Cundar, C. Guerrero, Ecopetrol S.A.; J.D. Aristizabal, I. Moncayo-Riascos, Meridian Consulting; F. Rojas, J. Orrego, W. Cañas-Marin, R. Osorio, Ecopetrol S.A.
1700-1730 213104 Reinforcement Learning For Multi-Well SAGD Optimization: A Policy Gradient Approach J.L. Guevara Urdaneta, J.J. Trivedi, University of Alberta
14:00 - 17:30
07  Digital: Data Analytics and AI-Driven Reservoir Management and Field Development Regency VI
Session Chairpersons Eduardo Gildin - Texas A&M University, Naron Bhaggan - Sensia Global
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 213154 A Novel Decision-Making Framework for Waterflooding Optimization Using Long and Short-Term Memory Models and Metaheuristics A.X. Rodriguez Castelblanco, Universidad de los Andes; E. Gildin, Texas A&M University; S.A. Cabrales, A.L. Medaglia, Universidad de los Andes
1430-1500 213183 The Use of Machine Learning To Estimate Key Properties in Vaca Muerta Play C. Bernhardt, G. Horowitz, D. Gallart, J.N. Cambra, M. Silka, M.G. Sanchez, L.L. Vera Lopez, YPF S.A
1500-1530 213201 Estimation of Laminated Reservoir Properties using Artificial Neural Network Integration I. Ahmed, Politecnico Di Torino; Z. Hamdi, Heriot-Watt University; M. Bataee, Curtin University Malaysia
1600-1630 213108 Bi, Python and Low Code Applications To Accelerate Digital Transformation S. Heine, O.A. Castillo, M.R. Palacios, C. López, YPF SA; M.E. Castello, YPF Argentina; H. Albarracín, G.D. Serrano, YPF SA
1630-1700 213120 Combining Data Acquisition, Control, Monitoring Systems and Physics Simulation in an Autonomous Way, To Locate and Minimize Inefficiencies in Gas Processing Facilities Z. Aladin, A.A. Claib Meinhardt, G. Schepens, Sensia
1700-1730 213142 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inside of Rock Physics Modelling, Case of Study in Tight Sand Reservoir L.A. Castellanos Bassoult, Pemex E&P
15:30 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:30
SE03  Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Panel Session: Unleash the Power of Diversity Regency II
Moderator(s) Lumay Viloria-Gomez - Subsurface Advisor – Executive Coach, Endeavor Management
Speaker(s) Medhat Kamal - 2023 SPE President, Kenny Bissoon - Facility Engineer, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited, Carlos Sarmiento - Diversity and Inclusion Director, SLB, Stacy Patel-Kissoon - HR Manager LNG (TT; LATAM) and Shales Canada, Shell Trinidad and Tobago


Lumay Viloria-Gomez
Subsurface Advisor –
Executive Coach
Endeavor Management


Medhat Kamal
2023 SPE President

Kenny Bissoon
Facility Engineer
Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited

Carlos Sarmiento
Diversity and Inclusion Director

Stacy Patel-Kissoon
HR Manager LNG (TT; LATAM) and Shales Canada
Shell Trinidad and Tobago

17:30 - 19:00

Thursday, June 15

07:30 - 17:30
07:30 - 17:00
08:30 - 12:00
08  Production and Operations: Completions, Stimulation, and Well Intervention Regency I
Session Chairpersons Vahman Jurai - Halliburton, Patrick Loys Brunings - Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 213147 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Water Conformance While Fracturing, Lessons Learned From 37 Jobs in the Oriente Basin of Ecuador A.J. Izurieta, Halliburton; W.L. Padilla, L. Barragan, EP Petroecuador
0900-0930 213200 Completions An Experimental and Modeling Study of Polymer Free Delayed Acid and Emulsified Acid Systems in Carbonate Formations M.T. Ali, A.S. Zakaria, Baker Hughes
0930-1000 213110 Production & Operations Hydrocarbon Production Enhancement on the Field Apaika-Nenke By Applying Hydraulic Fracturing as a Tool To Optimize the Extraction of Reservoir M-2 Considered Initially as a Secondary Target F. Salazar, N.D. Vasconez, Schlumberger; C.J. Mayorga, M.F. Pozo, EP Petroecuador
1030-1100 213193 Drilling Friction and Casing Wear Factor Characterization J. Barreto, S. Grittini, R. Zambetti, E. Zara, Tenaris; W. Tuckart, Universidad Nacional del Sur
1100-1130 213124 Production & Operations Production Rate Calculation Using Choke Correlation, Improving Matching Field Data on Vaca Muerta Formation N. Bellini, F. Villagra, G. Serrano, YPF SA
1130-1200 213112 Production & Operations Winning the Battle to Scale Precipitation from the Face of T Reservoirs in the Largest Ecuadorian Oilfield M.P. Paredes, SLB; D.R. Estevez, Tecpetrol; W. Sepulveda, C. Giol, V. Zumbana, P. Tamayo, R. Andrade, A. Sotomayor, L. Egas, SLB
08:30 - 12:00
09  Reservoir: Innovation in Enhanced Oil Recovery Assessments and Applications Regency V
Session Chairpersons Lumay A Viloria-Gomez - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 213144 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Innovative Combination of Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Process with Organic Rankine Cycle to Improve Energy Efficiency H.A. Rodriguez, R.A. Perez, Ecopetrol S.A.; J.E. Guerrero, TIP Colombia; L.E. Garcia, SGS Colombia; E.J. Manrique, Ecopetrol S.A.
0900-0930 213159 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Simulation of Primary and Enhanced Oil Recovery by Huff and Puff Gas Injection, and CO2 Storage in La Luna Shale of Colombia C.M. Herrera Tellez, A.R. Fragoso Amaya, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
0930-1000 213131 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Induced Flow Geometries During Steam Injection in Unconsolidated Sand in Heavy and Extra-Heavy OiI Fields in Mexico H. Cinco-Ley, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and Consultant; S. Chavez-Morales, Pemex; R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
1030-1100 213199 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Incorporating Hybrid Technology of CSS + Foam in Heavy Oil Field Development Plans: Practical Experiences and Lessons Learned R.A. Perez, H.A. Rodriguez, J.E. Romero, J.S. Alvarez, S. Hernandez, I. Luque, M. Cadena, M. Ricardo, H. Barrios, D. Villadiego, Ecopetrol S.A.; J.C. Garcia, TIP; A. Cipagauta, M. Rondon, DTH Colombia; E.J. Manrique, Ecopetrol S.A.
1100-1130 213166 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Electro-Acoustic Solvent-Based Method for Enhancing Heavy Oil Recovery S. Khasi, A. Kantzas, University of Calgary, Perm Inc
1130-1200 213157 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Estimating Relative Permeabilities through Experimental and Numerical Approaches for a Steam-Flue Gas Hybrid Process R.A. Perez, H. Garcia, Ecopetrol S.A.; J. Modaresghazani, S.A. Mehta, R.G. Moore, M.G. Ursenbach, University of Calgary; D. Gutierrez, AnBound Energy Inc; B. Sequera-Dalton, Hot -Tec Inc.; H.A. Rodriguez, E. Manrique, Ecopetrol S.A.
08:30 - 12:00
10  Digital Technologies: Surveillance, Analysis and Optimization 2.0 Regency VI
Session Chairpersons Eugenio Ferrigno - Globant, Eduardo Gildin - Texas A&M University
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 213140 Failure Prediction Methodology for ESP and Operational Behavior L. Cardona, Bond Energy Solutions; P.J. Vivas Sanchez, Sensia; B. Joya, Ecopetrol
0900-0930 213121 Intelligent Monitoring of Oil Production Assets G. Horowitz, P. Farfán, M. De Larena, R. Rodríguez, P. Mari, P. Alonso, YPF
0930-1000 213191 Automating Dynamometer Charts Interpretation With Machine Learning M.A. del Pino Fiorillo, Bounce
1030-1100 213182 Going From Days to Hours: A Digital Journey to Optimize Barrels and Improve Work-Life Balance E. Batallas, J. Gallegos, G. Tagarot Seadi, D. Campana, A. Vargas, M.A. Hernandez de la Bastida, F. Florez, SLB
1100-1130 213138 Fast Real-Time Production Optimization for Integrated Asset Modelling Using Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Programming in Julia Language R.F. Canchucaja, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria; A.F. Lanchimba, R.R. Layme Cuyo, Repsol E&P Peru
1130-1200 213115 3D Real Time Digital Twin E. Ferrigno, G.A. Barsola, Globant
08:30 - 10:00
SE04  Panel II - Offshore Exploration and Production in Guyana and Suriname - A New Frontier  Regency II
Moderator(s) Andres Felipe Castano - NSAI
Speaker(s) Nigel Yip Choy - Trinidad and Suriname Area Director, Baker Hughes, Patrick Brunings - Exploration and Non-Operated Ventures Asset Manager, Staatsolie, Marissa Foster - Petroleum Geologist, Department of Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources of Guyana

Join this panel session to hear from industry leaders of the most active exploring companies in the Guyana-Suriname play what is the current status of their activities and what are their short and mid-term plans. Learn about the challenges, advantages, and synergies that different operators are facing in the play, understanding the future opportunities derived from the potential development of the multiple discoveries in this play and how those could benefit or impact the Latin American and Caribbean Region. Find out what is and what will be the role of the Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering community in the development of the play.


Andres Castano
Vice President
Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc.


Nigel Yip Choy
Trinidad Country Director
Baker Hughes

Patrick Brunings
Exploration and Non-Operated Ventures Asset Manager

Marissa Foster
Technical Officer - Petroleum Geologist
Ministry of Natural Resources of Guyana

10:00 - 10:30
10:00 - 13:30
10:30 - 12:00
SE05  Panel III - Landscape of Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean Regency II
Moderator(s) Pedro Joaquin Vivas Sanchez - Sensia, Darcy Spady - Carbon Connect International
Speaker(s) Ruth Zambrano Rivera - Managing Director | Ecuador - Colombia - Peru, SLB, Vernon Paltoo - President, National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, Francisco Paz - Exploration and Production Manager, EP Petroecuador

The transition will last several decades, but we cannot ignore that the focus on climate change and sustainability drives the future of the Energy Industry. Oil and gas will be required to satisfy global energy demand under almost any future market scenario. However, increasing solutions that will become more environmentally friendly for energy generation is a responsibility that all of us must discuss. Energy Transition started and will remain for years until the balance of the energy industry's future gets archived. LACPEC is a great audience to discuss and debate between stakeholders and the energy transition community on the topic of finding a sustainable low-carbon energy future while achieving energy security for our communities. Changing nature of the global energy market; More diverse energy mix; Increased competition, the development of renewable energy technology, and the challenge of the economy of decarbonization vs. energy security.


Darcy Spady
Managing Partner
Carbon Connect International


Ruth Zambrano Rivera
Managing Director | Ecuador - Colombia - Peru

Vernon Paltoo
National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

Francisco Paz
Exploration and Production Manager
EP Petroecuador

12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 17:00
11  Carbon Sequestration in Geologic Formations and Energy Transition Regency II
Session Chairpersons George J Moridis - Texas A&M University, Eduardo Jose Manrique - Ecopetrol
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 213145 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Measurement of CO2 Solubility and Swelling Factor in Water/Brine For CO2 Sequestration A. Fayazi, S. Maaref, S. Esmaeili, A. Kantzas, Perm Inc, University of Calgary
1400-1430 213168 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Practical Aspects and Implications of Long-Term CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers Using Vertical Wells G.J. Moridis, Texas A&M University; M.T. Reagan, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; T. Huang, T.A. Blasingame, Texas A&M University
1430-1500 213135 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling Caprock Failure During Injection in a CO2 Capture and Storage Project Using Compositional/ Geochemical/Geomechanical Coupled Numerical Simulation A.J. Alvarez, D.P. Mercado Sierra, V. Salazar, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
13:30 - 17:00
12  Advanced Methods for Improved Reservoir Characterization Regency V
Session Chairpersons Apostolos Kantzas - University of Calgary, Roberto Aguilera - University of Calgary
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 213126 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Polymer Flooding From Day One: Reservoir Modelling Challenges and Development Strategy Definition I.J. Weisman, M. Thomann, M.N. Gamboa, G. Godino, S. Gandi, YPF SA
1400-1430 213133 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Determination of Rock Compressibility in Unconsolidated Sand in Heavy and Extra-Heavy Oil Fields in Mexico A. Fragoso-Amaya, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary; H. Cinco-Ley, UNAM
1430-1500 213122 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation of Carbonate Rock Thermal Conductivity as a Function of Temperature, Porosity and Fluid Saturation Using a Comparative Approach S. Madani, A. Fayazi, R.J. Shor, University of Calgary; A. Kantzas, University of Calgary and Perm Inc
1530-1600 213139 Production & Operations Downhole Water Sink at High Mobility Ratio: The Tambaredjo Field Pilot Test E. Niz Velasquez, Dunia Technology; H.S. Nagesar, R.V. Bhajan, S. Nandlal, Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV
1600-1630 213129 Production & Operations Digital Innovation for Fault Diagnosis and Control of Sensor Variables. Reduction in Operating Time and Costs in Run-in-Hole D. Mateus, H. Ramirez, J. Cruz, C.A. Gonzalez, J. Pinilla, Baker Hughes
1630-1700 213173 Drilling Margarita 10: Drilling Strategy of the Fastest Well in the Bolivian Subandean Region M.A. Bertarelli, G. Buyers, J.A. Barron, Repsol
13:30 - 17:00
13  Drilling: Tools and Techniques for Well Integrity, Well Control, and Zonal Isolation Regency VI
Session Chairpersons Mauricio De Aguiar Almeida - Louisiana State University (Petr. Eng. Dept), Otto Luiz Alcantara Santos - Louisiana State University (Petr. Eng. Dept), Carolina Barros - Kongsberg Digital
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 213195 Drilling Comparison of Riser Gas Unloading in Water and SBM: Full-Scale Experiments M.R. Kunju, M.D. Almeida, Louisiana State University
1400-1430 213172 Drilling Tailored Cement Spacer System Improves Barrier Dependability in High Permeability Reservoir Sections in Colombia J.M. Arroyave, J.L. Paredes, F. Castro, K. Agapiou, D. Barreto, Halliburton; J. Vela, A. Lopez, L.A. Guzman Canonigo, M.A. Fiaga, N. Garcia, Ecopetrol S.A.
1430-1500 213137 Drilling First Successful Application of Wellbore Stabilization Technology Eliminates the Need for Contingency Casing and Differential Sticking Risk While Drilling Through Carboniferous-Devonian Formations: A Case Study on an Exploratory Well in the Sub Andean Bolivian Basin A. Soruco Monasterio, V. Soriano, R. Cadena, YPFB Chaco SA; R. Maldonado, Impact; R. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
1530-1600 213148 Completions Explosive-Free Hydromechanical Perforating Technology Alternative During Plug and Abandonment Operations, For Annulus Connectivity Between Casings, Assures Well Integrity Barriers and Prevents External Casing Damage A.E. Rodriguez, R.J. Garay, M.L. Guarin, R.d. Rincon, A. Duarte, D.M. Maya, Ecopetrol; S. Butcher, Lee Energy Systems
1600-1630 213175 Drilling A Novel Workflow To Design Cementing Fluids For Loss Mitigation S. Jandhyala, K. Yerubandi, W. Cuello Jimenez, Halliburton
1630-1700 213197 Completions A Game-Changer Strategy to Increase the Production Tubing Run-Life in a Highly CO2 Corrosive Environment: Shushufindi-Aguarico Fields Study Case C. Romero, Tenaris; D. Estevez, Consorcio Shushufindi; C.M. Espinosa, Tenaris; C. Freire, PetroEcuador; M. Sierra, L. Aguilar, Consorcio Shushufindi; R. Rodriguez, Tenaris
15:00 - 15:30