Net zero commitments, strengthening policy and developing carbon markets are driving adoption of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology across the globe. Although the technology has been around for decades, the deployment of large-scale CCS projects is still in its infancy. While the pipeline of global CCS projects continues to grow, much more is still required to decarbonize the various industrial sectors.


Assuming the CO2 emission source has been identified and the CO2 can be feasibly captured, a storage reservoir and transportation approach needs to be assessed to ensure its suitability. A thorough technical evaluation and verification is key to the success and commerciality of these projects across the full life cycle from permitting to development, injection, and closure. Permits to inject CO2 underground require this detailed evaluation for documenting compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Development of the transportation and storage system for CO2 requires detailed engineering and subsurface studies. During injection, registering these projects to receive carbon credits is only possible once the project operator documents and verifies that the CO2 is sequestered safely and permanently.

Lastly, at closure, the operator must demonstrate that underground sequestration is stable prior to plugging the wells. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when determining optimal site location – each has its own technical challenges and considerations.

The objective of this Forum is to bring the industry and academia together to discuss these foreseeable technical challenges and the technology needs to commercialize future CCS projects.


Research providers focusing on CCS

Consultancies focusing on CCS

Technology providers

Engineers and geoscience individuals, inc. facility, reservoir, production, geology and geophysicists

CCS developers for carbon capture, transportation, and sequestration


Government labs focusing on CCS

Regulatory representatives


The Forum is a limited-attendance meeting for up to 75 people, designed for professionals interested in discussing technical challenges and the technology needs to commercialize future CCS projects.

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