Thinking like activists, acting like engineers


The 2023 SPE Gaia Summit shall be international, extending beyond the region and gathering thought leaders and experts from around the globe. The target audience will comprise operational and strategic decision-making roles in operator and service companies; that is the very stakeholder groups that the Gaia program was originally intended to serve, enable, and empower. 

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The event will be partially invitation-only, partially open registration to guarantee an audience well-equipped to collaborate on addressing topics critical to humanity's future, but one which can benefit the utmost from meticulously-planned, guided and highly engaging investigation.


Within the space of only four years, our world has changed dramatically and comprehensively. Among the many mega-trends shaking the foundations of our modern civilization, we have witnessed an acceleration of the energy transition, the breaching of seven of the nine planetary boundaries, the destruction of biodiversity on which humanity depends for GDP and many natural services, the limits of the planet’s carrying capacity, grappled with a global pandemic that crashed the world economy, and we’ve seen the outbreak of a war that re-emphasized the criticality of energy security.


🟢 To provide networking and collaboration opportunities for participants from different sectors; government, private, academia, investors, service providers, etc.

🟢 Through experiential learning enable and empower operations decision-makers and their key stakeholders

🟢  To provide a confident platform for energy experts to share best practices and challenges relating to their role in returning humanity's impact inside planetary boundaries




Government officials

Policy and decision makers

Operations Decision Makers

Academic researchers

Energy experts

Green energy advocates