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Deadline: 27 April 2023



Deadline: 27 April 2023


Registration for this event is free. When you have registered you will be asked for more information about your background and what you want to get out of the Virtual Career Pathways Fair. 

Webinar resources will be available on-demand for 30 days from the 27 April. However, you will not be able to access the career advice and networking features after the event has closed on the 27 April.

Users will have control over how much of their personal data is shown to other users through their personal profile for the purposes of networking. Any personal data collected by SPE will not be shared with other companies or organizations. All users maintain the right of erasure and can withdraw their consent at any time. Upon this request, all personal data belonging to the user will be permanently removed within one month.  Please see SPE’s privacy policy for additional information.  

SPE adheres to all GDPR Regulations. This Virtual event is being hosted by iVent which is processing the data attributed to this event. SPE intends to collect and process data for the purposes of reviewing how this site is used in order to make improvements for future events and marketing for future related SPE events.