About the Symposium

The 2023 SPE Subsea Well Intervention Symposium is the premier opportunity to interact with operators, service partners, regulators, and industry experts from across the globe who are focused on subsea well interventions. The program showcases a wide array of established and emerging intervention areas unique to subsea. As an SPE symposium, authors are offered, but not required, to submit papers for review and publication. Additionally, the program committee plans to offer a unique subsea well intervention training course prior to the beginning of the event. 

The theme for 2023 is De-risking the Intervention Decision - Balancing Investment and Reward. Industry professionals face complex decisions imposed by subsea conditions. They also realize the need to find cost-effective, low risk solutions to advance. The event will give attendees the chance to have in-depth discussions on efficiency gains to reduce costs, optimize well productivity, and reliability. The need to increase production and bolster energy security are critical now, more than ever, making it crucial for intervention experts to share their knowledge on the performance and effectiveness of subsea well intervention solutions and advancements through presentations on case studies, new technology and regulatory developments.  

Presentations, papers, and networking will discuss the current environment and challenges while de-risking the decision for subsea well interventions. 

  • Case Histories and Innovations  
  • Lessons from Europe, Indonesia and Africa
  • Subsea Well Plug & Abandonment; Enabling; Cost Effective; Verified
  • Regulations, Technology and HPHT – The Evolving Challenge
  • Technological Advances that Drive High-Impact Results

Who Attended in 2022

Attendees by Country

Primary Area of Technical Interest

  • 44% Completions
  • 28% Production and Operations
  • 16% Drilling
  • 12% Projects, Facilities, Construction

Job Classification

  • 48% Engineer
  • 20% Manager
  • 12% Sales and Marketing
  • 8% Business Operations
  • 8% Executive
  • 4% Other

What Attendees Say About the Event

  • 93% of 2022 attendees would recommend this symposium to other industry professionals 
  • 96% of attendees visited the exhibits during the symposium 
  • “Strong Operator Presence”
  • “The audience and attendees were very narrow and defined in scope. [It] was a great opportunity for the players in this space.” - Engineer

  • “[I liked] the way [presenters] used real life experience to relay their messages and brought in regulatory and SME’s. [This year’s event] was academic and not [sales focused].” - Manager
  • “Great case studies to hear about challenges being experienced by others and [the ability to] learn from them.” - Engineer 

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