In offshore and onshore unconsolidated formations, the wells are completed with some form of sand control completion to prevent production of formation sand. There has been significant technology and completion system reliability advancements to address some of the challenges that existed. However, as fields are maturing and new discoveries taking place, there are new challenges emerging.

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The intent of this workshop is to bring together industry experts from both operators and service companies to have a candid discussion and share their knowledge/lessons learned on some of the key sand control completion challenges/topics such as:

HPHT sand control completions

Reservoir monitoring and control

Depleted reservoirs

Sandface digitization

Multizone completions

Sand control reliability and failures

Retrofit/remedial sand control



Completion Engineering

Production Engineering

Drilling Engineering

Field Development and Operations




Discuss the challenges that still exist in sand control and generate ideas to solve these issues

Discuss key factors driving productivity and reliability of sand control completions

Stay informed about latest learnings, technologies and practices in sand control

Take part in informative, industry-shaping discussions

Experience unparalleled networking opportunities with other industry experts



Understanding Sand Control Failures and Reliability | OHGP in Low Frac Gradient Environment | HPHT OHGP Challenges | Well Screens: Advancing Technology and Pushing the Application Envelope | OHGP: Pushing the Envelope | Retrofit/Remedial Sand Control | Sandface Surveillance and Smart Completions: Bringing Data to Life and Building Tools to React | The Digital Transformation in Sand Control


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