This workshop was designed for geothermal and oil and gas professionals interested in leveraging technology and reservoir aspects related to well construction. The objective of this workshop is to discuss the state-of-the-art of reservoir engineering for geothermal operations, identify new best practices, and discuss the future challenges of reservoir engineering to accelerate the success of new innovative technology.



A goal of this workshop is to facilitate technology transfer and information exchange between the geothermal, oil and gas, and financial communities, to develop geothermal operational models at scale.

The workshop will target the traditional geothermal industry with the goal to capture new SPE members and the financial community to support the understanding of fundamental subsurface concepts when assessing the potential from assets and business plans.

It will provide a venue to update the oil and gas and geothermal communities on the application of reservoir engineering technologies to geothermal-related issues such as reserves quantification, thermal efficiency, geomechanics, new technology and more.


Who Should Attend

Well Construction stakeholders (Geothermal, Drilling, and Completions)

Reservoir Managers and Engineers

Reservoir, Drilling, and Completions Technology Champions/Leaders


Service Providers

Technology Providers