Special thanks to the SPE Guyana Section for welcoming this event in Georgetown!


The vision of this SPE workshop is to provide a venue for ideas to be shared and integrated across companies, professionals, and delegates to support the emerging offshore oil and gas industry in the Guyana / Suriname Basin.


Photo credit: Latchman Singh


This workshop will focus on three elements: technology, subsurface evaluation, and sustainable development. These topics will serve to inform and further industry development through collective knowledge sharing, open dialogue, and exportable learnings.

This workshop welcomes and encourages attendance from SPE workshop technical participants, decision makers in the governments of Guyana and Suriname, and civil society.

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Attendee Benefits

Knowledge-sharing platform between seasoned professionals and local industry.

Collaborative environment among industry experts including operators, service companies, consultants, and academia.

Discussion of key topics on technology, subsurface evaluation, and sustainable development.


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