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Since the Brazilian state-owned company Petrobras started the selling process of concessions in mature Fields, several independent companies started to operate these fields, demanding investments in technologies, training, and research to increase the recovery factor and optimize the production.

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These are mature onshore basins still prolific after decades of production. They have a myriad of profitable opportunities to medium and small operators. The challenge is determining what can be done to increase their Recovery Factor? Some of the actions includes but are not limited to stimulation, re-completion, chemical\water\steam injection, modification of tax structures, extensive infill drilling, accurate reservoir monitoring and management, and the optimization and operation of proper production methodologies (aka selection of artificial lift methods).

A key part of being able to capitalize on these opportunities is to be able to sort through the plethora of possibilities (some of which were mentioned above) and to be able to accurately and decisively parse out which concepts or groups of concepts are the most optimal for a specific field.


The main goal of this workshop was to provide the exchange of knowledge among the attendees, presenting the best practices, new technologies and case studies to increase the efficiency of the processes related to the exploration of these fields.


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