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The Digital Transformation movement and its many technologies are here and affecting upstream Oil and Gas.

Adoption is everywhere as operators, service providers, contractors, equipment suppliers, regulators, and software and hardware vendors are embracing technologies such as AI, Cloud, IIoT, Edge, Drones, Robotics, Automation, Augmented Reality with the objective of improving operational performance.


The workshop explored a number of digital transformation opportunities and technologies that can impact Brazil’s E&P operations – technology adoption, development, uptake, success and failures:


AI – Seismic exploration and interpretation: from attics and satellites around mature fields to deepwater, salt and geo-pressures

Digitizing asset integrity – IioT, edge, drones and AI extending asset life, legacy equipment, installation, doing more with less

Semantic AI in risk management, safety, human factors

Robotics and exoskeletons on the rig floor, supply-base

Blockchain and semantic AI in contract management and supply chain

AI and production optimization – demand planning from upstream to midstream and beyond


Bringing together respected professionals and experts in E&P and non-E&P digital transformation, this workshop explored how to make Brazil’s E&P industry smarter, leaner, faster and safer; from optimization of existing processes to deeper, exciting, innovative disruptions.


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