The upstream energy industry is at an exciting stage in the use of optical sensing to measure, understand and optimize asset performance.


Technical Program (PDF) 📄


The breakthroughs and enhancements in the last several years that have created this excitement include:


Novel strain measurement and interpretation technologies that expand the value of fiber-optic sensing in conventional and unconventional oil & gas applications

Extended sensing range, enhanced measurement sensitivity and greatly improved signal-to-noise performance through instrument and fiber engineering efforts

Broadened application space to accommodate the energy transition, a priori cases as well as exploiting reservoir analogs in such areas as carbon capture/utilization/storage and geothermal energy harvesting



This workshop will highlight the results of these value-adding breakthroughs and enhancements through multiple sessions with case studies in the areas of hydraulic fracture stimulation, multiphase flow measurement, fiber-based seismic acquisition and imaging, CCUS monitoring and optimization and geothermal energy recovery.  There will be participation from operators, service companies and the OEM sector (instrumentation, fiber, cables, etc.) with multiple networking opportunities.


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