About the Workshop

Despite lessons learnt and collated for many years, from many different industries (not only energy/oil and gas), but others such as aviation, nuclear, and military, we have yet to succeed in changing our image and understanding the value we provide to society as a whole. This is largely because we still have significant risk exposure, leading to regularly occurring incidents which could have been prevented. 

Addressing these challenges in the 21st century requires us to look at all aspects of safety, health, environment, security, and integrity as integral to operations and performance, and we must increase cross-collaboration amongst these disciplines. Moreover, our ability to attract and retain the current and next generation of workers and industry leaders, hinges on our ability to display not only the benefit this industry provides to global society, but the practices and open sharing of information which can make this possible.

Workshop Objectives

The 3-day programme will aim to cover these focus areas:

  • Operational and occupational safety
  • Human factors and performance
  • Technical and asset integrity
  • Process safety
  • Management systems
  • Energy transition
  • Data, learning, and integration
  • Collaboration and coordination amongst operations, HSSE, legal, finance to improve asset performance
  • Training development, and competency upskilling

Benefits of Attending

Attendees will gain invaluable insights, and exchange and acquire experiences from industry leaders, business partners, and technology experts from multi-disciplined perspectives, to ensure we achieve operational excellence together in the future. 

Join the Virtual Workshop at Your Local Time

Please note that all times are Coordinated Universal Time +8 (UTC+8)

🕗 08:00

Doha / Kuwait City / Manama / Riyadh
🕘 09:00 Abu Dhabi / Dubai / Muscat
🕥 10:30 New Delhi
🕦 11:30 Yangon
🕛 12:00 Bangkok / Hanoi / Jakarta
🕐 13:00 Bandar Seri Begawan / Beijing / Kuala Lumpur / Perth / Singapore
🕑 14:00 Tokyo / Seoul
🕒 15:00 Brisbane
🕝 14:30 Adelaide
🕔 17:00 Wellington