As we enter a new phase of Energy Transformation (EX) and Digital Transformation (DX) in parallel, the integration of operations and safety will be just as important as ever due to the evolving landscape. While each discipline has its own merits, we have seen that traditionally, the practice of operations, HSE, technical, asset integrity, and process safety each focus solely on their own areas, sometimes at the neglect of others. This has led to the silo effect, leading to gaps in how each discipline holistically manages risks within the industry.



The goal of this workshop is to present a unified, integrative view of all aspects of safety, both operational and technical perspectives, and further explore the synergies between them. This is the chance for us to hear and discuss challenges, issues, and proposed solutions from operators, contractors and service companies, regulatory bodies, and academics, with a regional perspective.

Topics will address how developed and emerging countries in Asia Pacific will account for a very significant proportion of global energy supplies throughout the remainder of the 21st century, and how we can meet those needs safely.






Olav Skår
Health, Safety, Security and Wells Director




💬 Share key challenges and issues facing our people and organisations in this region

📲 Network and exchange ideas with peers and experts in the field.

🗣️ Collaborate and Communicate the experiences and lessons learnt gained from these key challenges and issues

🧭 Propose recommendations to companies attending the workshop, for further consideration within their organisations




Professionals in:

Drilling and Well Operations

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction



Operations Integrity

Process Safety

Production Engineering

Technical and Asset Integrity