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Assimilate or be left behind of disruptive technologies; this is the growing trend in the ever-changing landscape of Digital, Data Analytics, and Automation (DDAA) that the world has now come to embrace and have placed an ultimatum upon corporations.







Kamarul A. Muhamed
Founder and Group CEO
Aerodyne Group


As the industry continue to face conventional challenges such as the ongoing shale revolution, gradual increase of non-renewables energy, radical fluctuations in oil prices, and increasing efficiency of energy usage, it propels us to embark on this DDAA transformational journey to further optimise the existing processes and to have an open discussion on the widespread adoption that still arguably lackadaisical of how the sector’s future will fare.



💬 GATHER in-depth knowledge of the current state of automation from leading experts and decision-makers driving the field.

📲 SERVES as a platform for peer-to-peer networking opportunities to initiate potential collaborative efforts and the establishment of automation Joint Industry Project (JIP).

🗣️ PROVIDE opportunities to engage in positive discourse to map out the future of automation and pave the industry’s way forward.




Professionals in:


Artificial Intelligence

Automation Technology

Data Science

Drilling and Completion

Drilling Construction

Engineering Analytics

HSE and Risk Management

Machine Learning

Process Optimisation

Rig Construction

Real-Time monitoring

Remote Operations

Service Providers

Technological Advancement

Wells Engineering and Services

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