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Wednesday, 24 February, 1600–1830

07 Poster I

Oaklawn & Rosedown

Session Chairperson(s): Mojtaba Pordel Shahri, Weatherford International


Obtaining Comparable and Relevant Formation Swelling Sensitivity Data from CST - Is this Even Possible?

D.N. Benoit, G.R. Montenegro-Galindo, K. Anderson, Halliburton Energy Services Grp; K. Hoeman, Halliburton Energy Services Group


Improving Oil Transportability Using CO2 in the Bakken System - A Laboratorial Investigation

L. Jin, Energy & Environmental Research Center; J.A. Sorensen, University of North Dakota; S.B. Hawthorne, Energy & Environmental Research Center; S.A. Smith, Energy & Environmental Rsch Ctr; N.W. Bosshart, M.E. Burton-Kelly, Energy & Environmental Research Center; D. Miller, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center; C.B. Grabanski, niversity of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center; J.A. Harju, Gas Technology Institute


High-Pressure Filtration Unit for Completion and Workover Fluids

M.D. Alrashdan, Baker Hughes Solutions; A. Defrees, W.L. Carbrey, Baker Hughes Inc


Fines Mobilisation by Low-Salinity Water Injection: 3-Point-Pressure Tests

S.S. Bhattacharya, J. Paitaridis, A. Pedler, A. Badalyan, T. Carageorgos, The University of Adelaide; P.G. Bedrikovetsky, University of Adelaide; D.C. Warren, N. Lemon, Santos Ltd.  


An Assessment of an Uncomplicated Drill-in Fluid and Its Application to a Wide Range of Global Completions and Their Recent Successes

M.R. Luyster, K.O. Tresco, J.W. Dobson, TBC Brinadd; R. Ravitz, C. Eyaa Allogo, M-I SWACO; K.L. Sooi, M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company  


Overcoming OBM Filter Cake Damage Using Micro-Emulsion Remediation Technology across a High-Temperature Formation

A.V. Addagalla, B.A. Kosandar, I.G. Lawal, Baker Hughes Saudi Arabia; P.B. Jadhav, Baker Hughes Inc.; A. Imran, Q.R. Al-saqer, W.I. Elsherbeny, Baker Hughes Saudi Arabia; A.A. Al-Ansari, R.M. Pino, Saudi Aramco D&WO; A. Gadalla, Saudi Aramco; T.D. Olivares Antunez, Saudi Aramco D&WO


Near Wellbore Damage and Types of Skin Depending on Mechanism of Damage

M.C. Patel, Gubkin Russian state Oil and Gas University, Moscow; A. Singh, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas  

Thursday, 25 February, 1030–1400

11 Poster II

Oaklawn & Rosedown

Session Chairperson(s): Mojtaba Pordel Shahri, Weatherford International



An Improved Wormhole Propagation Model with a Field Example

X. Tan, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; X. Weng, C. Cohen, Schlumberger



Enhancing a Depleted Sandstone Formation with Single Stage Acid in Vietnam Offshore Case Study

T. Ao, T. Pham Cong, L. Tran Duc, Baker Hughes


A New Phenomenon of Slow Fines Migration in Oil and Gas Fields (Laboratory and Mathematical Modelling)  

Y. Yang, Z. You, University of Adelaide; F.D. Siqueira, Norte Fluminense State Universidade; P.G. Bedrikovetsky, University of Adelaide


Comparative Study of Formation Damage due to Straining and Surface Deposition in Porous Media

H.J. Khan, M.S. Mirabolghasemi, H. Yang, M. Prodanovic, D.A. DiCarlo, M.T. Balhoff, K.E. Gray, The University of Texas At Austin


Study of Condensate Blockage and its Remedy in Eagle Ford Gas-Condensate Zone

H. Pu, Y. Li, InPetro Technologies Inc.


Experimental Investigation of Asphaltene Precipitation Under CO2 Injection

M. Ali, Komar University of Science & Technology; M.T. Shuker, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


Determination of the Stability of Acid Emulsions by Droplet Size Characterization With Static Light Scattering

M.C. Weissenberger, Sanjel Corporation; P. Khalafpour, Sanjel Coporation