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SPE Forum: “Waterless Fracturing” – Reducing Fresh Water Use for Reservoir Stimulation in a Future Water-Constrained World
5 - 9 November 2017 | San Antonio, Texas, USA

SPE Forum: Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Reservoirs
5 - 10 November 2017  | San Antonio, Texas, USA

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The Challenges of Decommissioning and Integrity Recovery


The Challenges of Decommissioning and Site Remediation


Enhance Oil Recovery in India - Driving Production With All Means

United States

Geomechanics in Drilling and Completion: Turning Contrast into Harmony (Gratitude)

United States

Production in Horizontal Unconventionals

United States

Deep Reading and Interpretation within the Reservoir: Filling the Blanks Between Wells

United States

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) and Pricing

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