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Plenary Sessions

Tuesday, 26 January | 1100–1230


Leveraging Knowledge and Technology to Manage Growth

Moderator: Ibrahim Al-Alawi,
Deputy CEO, AlMansoori Specialized Engineering

Session Chairs: Adib Al-Mumen, Saudi Aramco; Luisa Gharzelddine, Schlumberger

One of the traits of the E&P industry is its ability to seamlessly transfer its knowhow from one region to another. This is especially true for drilling, HSE, completions, well integrity and other similar practices. The E&P world is becoming more and more global, and the geographical boundaries of constraining cutting edge technologies, novel practices, and innovative approaches is disappearing with the ease of communication, ease of travel, and the need to compete in broader markets. Despite the current market conditions, the Middle East is an attractive region to further develop technologies and practices that started elsewhere around the world. The fact that a number of large projects are progressing or starting in the regions invites IOC and large international service companies to import and integrate its best practices in the region. The success of this integration is only possible when conveying the knowledge through technical staff to ensure proper implementation and transfer of learnings. The NOCs typically take advantage of this transfer of knowledge in order to timely achieve their plans in line with their country’s strategy.


  • Fahed Al-Ameri, Drilling Manager, ADNOC
  • Omar Al-Husaini, General Manager, D&WO Operations, Saudi Aramco
  • James Blaine, Middle East JV Drilling Manager, ExxonMobil
  • David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer, NOV
  • Bobby Viktorin, Vice President Drilling, ZADCO