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About Doha, Qatar

Dohais the heart and capital of Qatar, it is Qatar's largest city and the economic centre of the country. This beautiful city is filled with plenty to do, whether it’s shopping, relaxing, dining or whatever other activities come to mind. With its beautiful corniche which stretches out for several kilometres, you can take walks by the sea and enjoy the sights of Doha's developing skyline.


Qatar has hot summers stretching from May through October. These summers are dry and breezy. Doha has a fairly comfortable winter with occasional rain.


While Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken, especially for business purposes.


The official currency of Qatar is the Qatar Rial. The exchange rate is approximately USD 1 = QR 3.64.


Visa requirements for travel to Qatar differ from country to country. Contact the Qatar Embassy in your country of residence for more information.

Suggested wardrobe

Lightweight summer clothing is ideal with a wrap, sweater or jacket for air conditioned premises.  Women are usually advised to dress modestly.

Time Zone

GMT + three (3) hours