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Student Programme

Tuesday, 23 September, 0800–1600

HSE: A Way of Life

HSE in the oil and gas industry is looked at more closely, compared to other industries. In our multi-billion dollar industry, safety incidents, environmental releases, spills, and other incidents have made the headlines for the wrong reasons. We need to realise that even though companies are competing against each other for their share of oil and gas production, maintaining a good HSE record is a common goal we all share. By owning safety, using innovative methods to reduce environmental releases, and improving the health and well-being of our employees, we can show the world that having a good HSE culture benefits everyone. Achieving this at an early stage will ensure that HSE is embedded in the minds of Young Engineers, so it can evolve with them throughout their careers.

This one-day programme will include many team building and challenging activities such as an HSE design project competition. Industry professionals have been invited to share their experiences and knowledge with the students encouraging them to improve and broaden their soft skills before entering the oil and gas workforce.


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