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Knowledge Sharing ePosters

An ePoster is an electronic version of a traditional ePoster presented on a plasma screen. It offers the added benefit of animation, audio, and video and enhances the visual experience to provide greater interactivity between the attendee and the ePoster author.

Monday, 22 September, 1510–1525


A Comparative Assessment of Quantitative Risk as Applied to Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
S.D. Patwardhan, I. Paulson, S. Somarajan, A. Mane, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune


Development of Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response Management Systems and Their Integration with Oil Spill Contingency Planning and Oil Spill Response
A.D. Morgan, K. Pendoley, I. Bellingham, A. Lewis, M. Pearce, Pendoley Environmental


How to Recruit, Retrain, and Retain Asset Integrity Management Professionals in our Industry
R. Goyal, BAPCO Environmental



Comparative Study Between Manual Calculation and Infrared Camera for Fugitive Emissions Quantification
A. Suliono, H. Hassan, U.N. W. Thu, M. Basser, Total


Flare Minimisation Efforts of a Premier Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Company
A. Alahmad, J. Bacani, K. Deb, RasGas


A.P Flare Recovery Project
B.P. Mathew, Petroleum Development Oman

Tuesday, 23 September, 1010–1025


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS-CoV) and its Implications on Pandemic Planning
D. Ibrahim, M. Felfernig, International SOS


Advances in Wearable Sensor Technology and its Applications in Mobile Workforce and Health Monitoring and Safety Management 
M.M. Alam, E. Ben Hamida, Qatar Mobility Innovations Center


Action on Diabetes: A Social and Health Investment Programme for Qatar
H.N. Thompson, Maersk Oil Qatar



A Study of Marine Sediment at Mumbai High Offshore Oil Field, India
S.K. Chattopadhyay, G.L. Das, P. Shrirame, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited


Analysis of Fracking Fluids Used During Hydraulic Fracturing in Oil and Gas Well Operations 
A.B. Oriji, University of Port Harcourt; B. Ekpo, Research and Development NNPC Port Harcourt; O.F. Joel, Halliburton


Hazard Hunt: Rig Specific Identification and Elimination Strategy for Managing Losses
D.R. Al Enezi, A. Al-Mekhyal, M. Sounderrahan, Y. Takate, S.M. Mubarak, Kuwait Oil Company Company



Impact of Emergency Shutdown Devices on Relief System Sizing and Design
Ram Goyal, BAPCO Environmental


Enhancing Risk Management Procedures for Well Intervention Operation: Offshore Malaysia Case Study
W.W. M. Fablillah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd


Effective Crisis Management and Emergency Response in Total E&P Qatar
D. Barthèlemy, Total



Modelling Residual Chlorine and Chlorine By-Product Formation and Distribution from Cooling Water Discharge in the Arabian Gulf 
S. Saeed, N. Deb, E. Febbo, ExxonMobil; R. Campbell, URS; S. Prakash, V.S. Kolluru, ERM


Promotion of Hazard Identification to Improve the Local Safety Culture 
Y. Gupta, E. Gao, T. Subramaniam, Shell


Innovative System to Promote Safe Driving Behaviors: a Case Study from the Middle East
J.C. Lopez, A.S. Zidan, Schlumberger

Wednesday, 24 September, 1010–1025



A Potential Solution for Waste Management at Remote Sites
J. Findley, H. Al-Haj, J. Shanaa, Saudi Aramco; S. Economou, Terragon Gulf