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Panel Sessions

Monday 14 September, 1530-1645

Canyon Ballroom

Session 1: EOR/IOR

As oil is considered as a non-renewable resource, the art of getting more production from each known reservoir remains of great importance to the future. Conventional technology has succeeded to recover only about 50 percent of the original oil in place.

Considerable quantity of oil remains unrecoverable so far. The increasing difficulty and limitation of finding new oil accumulations has incited researchers to seek new ways and means to increase oil recovery by applying Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies, methods like thermal (steam cyclic, steam flooding, air combustion, etc.) and non-thermal (chemical, miscible, immiscible, etc.). Basically, the approach is to attempt effective chemical and physical improvement of fluid and rock characteristics. It can be defined as any method used to recover the remaining oil in the reservoir after primary or secondary recovery methods. The theory and methods of EOR are always under development and testing, including implementation of new technologies like using nanofluids and bacteria.

The new state-of-the-art in EOR is to combine more than one method on the same reservoir in order to maximise recovery and also to make these projects economically effective throughout the field life especially with the current attractive oil prices.


Darius Shahsavari
Senior Vice President
IPR International





Sameh Macary 

Shaheen El Sayed 
Vice Chairman Production, Middle East and North Africa
IPR Egypt



Shamir Salahudin
Technical Manager
Shell Egypt


Helmy Sayyouh
Cairo University

Darius Shahsavari
Senior Vice President
IPR International








Tuesday 15 September, 1125-1305

Canyon Ballroom

Session 2: North Africa’s Unexploited Potential and Promising Future through Extension and Revival

The regional events are rapidly changing, moving from uncertainty to more stability. For petroleum investors, they want to see trust regained and normal business environment attained. In this session we will discuss the steps needed to regain the trust and to move forward with win-win solutions for both country and investors. Issues that will be discussed openly and candidly will be:

  • Repayments of outstanding amounts
  • New agreements in absence of elected parliament
  • Unlocked potential awaiting stable environment
  • Impact of instability of the Libyan oil sector


Ahmed Abou-Sayed
President/CEO and Founder
Advantek International

Samir Abdelmoaty
Independent Consultant




Hesham El-Meligy
Country Manager Egypt
Dragon Oil

Nagy Iskander
Independent Oil & Gas Consultant




Wednesday 16 September, 1125-1305

Canyon Ballroom

Session 3: Unconventional Resources - Can They Become “Conventional”?

The development and exploitation of onshore unconventional resources in North America has changed the shape of the oil and gas industry in the US, increased the hydrocarbon supply, and created jobs and wealth to a mature “conventional hydrocarbon” basin. Reasons for that success certainly include technology, risk-taking, and logistics facilitation. The question now is “Can we replicate that success in North Africa and other conventional resources basins?”

This expert panel will share their experiences, lessons learned, technological and logistical challenges, strategies, opportunities and advice to make unconventional resources a reality outside North America.


Hani El Shahawi
Deepwater Technology Advisor and Capabilities Manager







Ahmed Abdelfattah Deputy CEO Exploration

Christopher Fredd
Unconventional Resources Technical Integration Group Manager
Middle East and Asia

Hans-Christian Freitag
Vice President
Integrated Technology
Baker Hughes

Moustafa Oraby
North Africa Technology Manager