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SPE Oilfield Scale Conference

11 - 12 May 2016

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK | Aberdeen Exhibition and Convention Centre

Letter from the Chairperson

Dear Friends,

I am excited to be chairing the SPE Oilfield Scale Conference.

The event has a reputation for being the leading global event pertaining to scale.

Despite our ever increasing understanding of the prediction, formation, prevention and removal of scale, more extreme challenges for the oil and gas industry continue to emerge. The requirements associated with extreme temperatures and pressures, new techniques such as EOR and the growth in shale gas production are all examples worthy of note. However, in today’s business climate, the increased focus on risk versus reward forces our profession to extend the boundaries of knowledge, whilst reducing associated costs. Therein sits our ongoing conundrum.

Now held every two years along with a workshop during alternate years, the event offers an unrivalled opportunity to share your scale expertise, from the latest research into fundamental principles onwards to cutting edge developments through your hands on experience of the field. The SPE through the 2016 committee would like to invite you to share your knowledge at this unique and very well attended event. Proposals for the selection of Papers are welcomed for all scale related areas, as noted within the list of technical categories.

Proposals for the selection of Papers should be submitted no later than Friday 16 October 2015. Those authors selected for presentation of Papers will be notified by early November 2015.

Gill Ross