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An ePoster is an electronic version of a traditional ePoster presented on a plasma screen. It offers the added benefit of animation, audio, and video and enhances the visual experience to provide greater interactivity between the attendee and the ePoster author.


Neural Network Prediction of Porosity and Permeability of Heterogeneous Gas Sand Reservoirs Using NMR Logging Data
G. Hamada, UAE University; M. Elshafei, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Optimisation of Smart Well Completion Design in the Presence of Uncertainty
B. Ghosh, Schlumberger; P. King, Imperial College London


3D Numerical Investigation of Subsurface Flow in Anisotropic Porous Media Using Multipoint Flux Approximation Method
A. Negara, A. Salama, S. Sun, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


A Quantitative Approach to Analyze Fracture Area Loss in Shale Gas Reservoirs
H. Lawal, N.U. Abolo, G. Jackson, V. Sahai, Weatherford; C. Flores, Parsons Brinckerhoff


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Study and Investigation of Proppant Transport and Distribution in Multi-Stage Fractured Horizontal Wells
A.B. Bokane, S. Jain, Y.K. Deshpande, F. Crespo, Halliburton


Simulation Study on Waterflood Front: Block Hade of Tarim Oilfield in Northwest China
Z. Wei, M. De S., RIPED of PetroChina; O. Oyinkepreye, Covenant University


Enhancing Reservoir Understanding by Utilizing Business Intelligence in History Match Quality Check
T.M. Al-Zahrani, T. Al-Ghamdi, S. Al-Garni, A. Taiban, B.M. Harbi, Saudi Aramco


Reservoir Simulation of Shale Barrier Failure in Heterogeneous SAGD Reservoirs: A Case Study
Y. Wu, X. Li, Y. Jiang, H. Wang, W. He, RIPED of PetroChina; P. Gao, University of Wyoming; S.K. Das, Marathon Oil

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