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Call for Papers

Submission Information

Professionals from the industry are encouraged to submit their paper proposals for the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition.


Submission is closed.



Length of abstract:

450 words (maximum)



Paper Proposal Categories:

  • Geophysics in Reservoir Characterisation
  • Formation Evaluation and Petrophysics
  • Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  • Field Case Studies
  • IOR/EOR Modelling: Thermal, Chemical and Miscible
  • New Generation Simulators
  • Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Upscaling Technologies
  • Geostatistics for Geomodeling
  • Collaboration Environments, Visualization and Post Processing
  • Real Time Model Integration to Field Operations
  • Optimization of Mature Reservoirs
  • Geomechanical Characterisation and Modeling
  • Wettability and Fluid Rock Interactions
  • Reservoir Monitoring and Management
  • Rock Typing
  • Fracture Characterization and Modelling
  • Complex Well Modeling
  • Field Development Optimisation
  • New Approaches and Technologies in Reservoir Characterisation
  • Static Modelling
  • Novel Recovery Processes
  • Fluid Characterisation and Compositional Modeling
  • Advances in Modelling Workflows
  • History Matching Best Practices and Experiences
  • Integrated Workflows for Modeling
  • Unconventional Reservoir Modelling
  • Heavy Oil Reservoirs
  • Large Data Mining Applications
  • SCAL and Digital Rock Physics
  • Gas Reservoirs