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About this Conference

Already becoming a tradition, the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference is held annually in Russia since 2006. Over the years, this event has gained significant attention and continues to increase in value among industry experts. This results from the fact that the conference gives attendees a unique opportunity to share experience and ideas in the non-profit and non-competitive environment, and a chance to establish business contacts both with domestic and international companies.

The conference in 2015 will be inspired by the quotation from Christophe de Margerie, “The end of the oil era is still far away...” (Le peak oil n'est plus vraiment d'actualité...), and will cover key objectives and issues, including:

  • Effective production
  • Experiences and prospects of shelf development
  • Search for new reserves—new direction in exploration
  • Fast-tracking field development
  • Remote and autonomous field development 
  • R&D and innovations for hydrocarbon exploration and production
  • Advanced equipment, materials, and software
  • Drilling rigs and specialized equipment
  • Oil and gas production—equipment and technologies, etc.

Special attention will be given to the Russian oil & gas producers for modern drilling equipment, software, and emerging technologies.