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Conference Topics

Advanced Equipment, Materials and Software for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production - Developments, Experience and Application in Russia

  • OCTG, BHA and drill string components, casing accessories
  • Well logging and testing tools
  • Well completion and cementing systems
  • Pumping units for production

Drilling Rigs and Specialized Equipment

  • Well control
  • Managed pressure drilling
  • Mobile rigs
  • New rigs for exploration drilling
  • Drilling crew competence assurance
  • Human factor training

Remote and Autonomous Fields’ Development

The fields that are bringing into development, are mostly located in the regions far from transport infrastructure, electricity and water supply, where the usage of standard technologies is impossible:  

  • Technological solutions for autonomous oil and gas fields system development
  • Involvement in development of the fields with difficult access
  • Methods and technologies of oil and gas fields’ development in severe environmental conditions
  • Usage of module sets for exploration and development of remote fields’
  • Systems of commodities’ collection and transportation from oil and gas fields that are remoted from infrastructure 
  • Systems of production assurance based on alternative energy sources

Search of New Reserves. New in Direction Exploration

  • Appraising and Developing Unconventional Reserves in base/old regions
  • Potential reserves of Prospective regions
  • Advanced exploration technologies

Fast Tracking Field Development

  • Strategic and technical decisions under uncertainty of geological information
  • Evaluation  of  uncertainties  and risk management in  the field development
  • Conceptual designing of field development
  • Selection of field development technologies and production of hydrocarbons in the early stages of fields life
  • Accelerate additional exploration of fields

Experience and Prospects of the Shelf Development

  • Offshore exploration
  • Offshore drilling
  • Technology and equipment for offshore production
  • Subsea production
  • Problems and prospects of  the Arctic offshore fields development

Hard-to-Recover Reserves

Exploration, development and technical maintenance of the fields with the whole range of hard-to-recover oil and gas reserves:

  • Development of low-permeable and low-porous collectors
  • Development of super high-viscosity oil fields
  • Development of thin oil rims
  • High water cut reservoirs
  • Problems of intensification and enhancement of oil recovery

Well Construction – Drilling and Completion

  • Formation damage reduction
  • Prevention and elimination of lost circulation and wellbore stability issues
  • Solutions for improving drilling efficiency in extreme geological conditions (ERD, H2S, HPHT, etc.)
  • Modern Well Completion Technologies, “smart well” – DTS, ICD, multilateral, etc.

Oil and Gas Production –  Equipment and Technologies

  • Modern approaches - how to lift oil to the surface and achieve maximum long-term oil and gas production
  • Natural flowing and artificial lift optimization
  • Gas lift and downhole pumps - ESP, SRP, PSP, jet pumps and other artificial lift systems
  • Measuring systems and real-time production control
  • Water cut meters, multiphase flow meters and test separators
  • Gathering, transport, storage and treatment of oil and gas

Field Development Monitoring and Control

  • Equipment and measuring systems of well production enrollment
  • Data interpretation for analysis and control of field development
  • Methods of production data analysis
  • Smart systems of well production management and other issues including environmental safety monitoring

R&D and Innovations for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

  • New patented ideas
  • Prototype design and testing
  • New technologies implementation issues
  • Best practices
  • R&D maangement

Static, Dynamic and Geomechanical Modeling. Software

  • Improving the quality and value of the reservoir models
  • Novel modeling technologies and practical applications
  • Integrated approaches to building consistent static and dynamic models
  • Uncertainty quantification and probabilistic approach to field development planning
  • Geomechanics application for optimizing drilling, fracturing, completion and production (sanding, reservoir compaction and subsidence)
  • Utilizing geomechanics for unconventional and  low permeability reservoirs

New Opportunities for Brownfields

  • EOR tertiary methods: thermal (SAGD, steam injection, in situ combustion), chemical (microbial, surfactants, polymers etc.), hydrodynamic (inflow control, non-stationary, step-thermal flooding, etc.), combined methods
  • Production stimulation methods (fracturing, hydrodynamic, wavelet etc.)
  • Complex EOR/IOR innovative approaches
  • Trapped oil characterization

An Integrated Approach to Gas and Gas-Condensate Field Development

  • Reservoir-wells-surface as a joint system
  • Software for co-simulation of system reservoir-wells-surface facilities
  • Gas fields development designing on the basis of an integrated approach
  • Optimization of gas fields surface facilities  using an integrated approach

Formation Evaluation

  • Lab studies. Core measurements.
  • Well logging, geophysical studies in exploration and development wells – new methods and methodologies for testing and interpretation
  • Hydrodynamic and thermal-hydrodynamic reservoir testing
  • Quantitative characterization of multi-layer reservoirs under multiple-completion and commingled development
  • Application of numerical simulators for interpretation of geophysical data
  • Reservoir characterization in horizontal and multi-lateral wells

Smart Field. Technology Challenges.

  • Smart well (smart well monitoring and management during oil and gas production, downhole monitoring systems, materials and technology for smart wells systems, smart well hardware)
  • Intagrated  modeling and operations, integration of existing information systems
  • Evolution of technical requirements for systems, equipment and software driving by smart field.
  • Smart fields elements executions – real projects
  • Smart field optimizations workflow (flow assurance, well performance,  EOR optimization etc)
  • Mathematic methods for smart field  (neural networks etc)