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Technical Sessions

27 October, 1330-1530 

TECHNICAL SESSION 8: R&D and Innovations for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production-1


The First Experience of Rod-shaped Proppant Implementation in Western Siberia Oil Fields

А. Valiullin, V. Makienko, LUKOIL; A. Overin, A. Yudin, A. Gromovenko, Schlumberger


Uranium Wells: The Proper Selection of Drilling Mud and Completion Fluid Has Changed All the Rules of the Game

A. Kharitonov, A. Gumarov, A. Kenjebayev, D. Verte, Halliburton


Investigation of Downhole Jet Pump Unit for Dual Completion of Two and More Reservoirs

Kh. Tumanyan, A. Plyev, S. Kovalevsky, A. Korneev, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas


Electromagnetic Heating for Heavy Oil Production: Case Study of a Field Applicability

M. Rafiee, A. Behr, E. Lessner, Wintershall Holding GmbH Kassel; D. Diehl, B. Trautmann, A. Koch, Siemens AG Erlangen


Innovations in Geological Prospecting and Reservoir Engineering in OAO TATNEFT’s License Blocks

R. Khisamov, Tatneft; V. Bazarevskaya, TatNIPIneft; V. Ekimenko, TNG-Group; N. Bazarevskaya, GKZ RF


Characterisation of Formation Damage Systems from Laboratory Coreflood Pressure Measurements

A. Vaz, D. Maffra, State University of Norte Fluminense - UENF, Brazil; T. Carageorgos, P. Bedrikovetsky, The University of Adelaide, Australia


TECHNICAL SESSION 9: New Opportunities for Brownfields


Fines-Migration-Assisted Low-Salinity Waterflooding: Field Case Analysis

P. Bedrikovetsky, A. Zeinijahromi, A. Badalyan, The University of Adelaide, Australian School of Petroleum; V. Akhmetgareev, TatNIPIneft; R. Khisamov, Tatneft


Implementation of Low-Residue Polysaccharide Fracturing Fluid System Aids Flowback Recovery at Chicontepec Basin: Field Experiences on Sandstone Tight-Oil Wells

E. Castro-Vera, E. Chuc, L. Gutierrez, Halliburton; A. Sanchez, PEMEX


Re-fracturing Considerations of Horizontal Well Multi Stage Fractured Completions in Mid Permeability Formations

K. Butula, A.Yudin, A. Klyubin, Schlumberger


More with Less: Channel Fracturing Delivers Improved and Sustainable Production with Less Resources in Low-Temperature Reservoirs of Tsarichanskoe Field 

V. Sukovatiy, Gapromneft-Muravlenko; I. Titov, A. Konopelko, Gapromneft-Orenburg; D. Ovsyannikov, A. Yudin, A. Borisenko, A. Gromovenko, K. Pshenov, Schlumberger


A Novel Automated and Probabilistic EOR Screening Method to Integrate Theoretical Screening Criteria and Real Field EOR Practices Using Machine Learning Algorithms

M. Tarrahi, Shell Global Solutions US Inc.; S. Afra, Texas A&M University; I. Surovets, Salym Petroleum Development N.V.


Combining Conformance Treatment with Mobility Control Improves Oil Sweep Efficiency in Non-Cross Flow Heterogeneous Reservoirs

A. Imqam, B. Bai, M. Wei, Missouri University of Science and Technology


TECHNICAL SESSION 10: Static, Dynamic and Geomechanical Modeling. Software-2


Modeling of PVT-properties of Natural Gas Condensate Mixtures Adjusted for Presence of Residual Water in Collector

T. Yushenko, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University); A. Brusilovsky, Gazpromeft STC


Modelling Non-Equilibrium Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbon Mixtures

O. Lobanova, I. Indrupskiy, IOGP RAS


Geological Models for the Implementation of Adaptive Exploration and Fast- Tracking Field Development of Oil Pools in Imilor-Istochny License Area

V. Kasatkin, V. Shalamova, V. Druchin, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft Branch Office in Tyumen


Mechanism of Oil Displacement During WAG in Porous Media with Micro-Inhomogeneities

A. Shandrygin, V. Shelepov, R. Ramazanov, Moscow State University; N. Andrianov, D. Klemin, A. Nadeev, I. Yakimchuk, Schlumberger


Concept Baseline for the Development of a Major Complex Field in Eastern Siberia using Flow Simulation

A. Levanov, V. Belyansky, I. Volkov, D. Anuryev, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; V. Grinchenko, Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazdobycha; T. Musabirov, Rosneft


Laboratory and Numerical Study of the Dissolution Process of Salinization Clastic Reservoirs

I. Vinogradov, A. Zagorovskiy, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; S. Milyutin, K. Bogachev, Rock Flow Dynamics; E. Gorbatko, I. Dolgov, Verkhnechonskneftegaz


TECHNICAL SESSION 11: R&D and Innovations for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production-2


Integrated Approach to Drilling ERD* Wells with the Innovative Reservoir-Scale Mapping while Drilling Technology on Korchagina Field

S. Shtun, M. Golenkin, A. Shtun, D. Shtepin, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; D. Shabalinskaya, A. Makhambetov, L. Sadykov, A. Ocheretyanyy, A. Khakov, A. Fitsner, A. Shirshov, I. Zakharov, O. Gorshenina, V. Kuzakov, K.Pyankov, D. Vasilyev, Schlumberger


New Mud-Pulse Telemetry System Delivers Improved Drilling Dynamics and Formation Evaluation Data

P. Cooper, L. Santos, Halliburton


Development and Field Testing of the Downhole Multi-Purpose Thrusting Device for Drilling of Deep Vertical and Directional Wells

G. Buslaev, Ukhta State Technical University; A. Belkin, Gazprom Drilling 


A Novel Tool to Improve Rate of Penetration—Down-hole Drilling String Absorption and Hydraulic Supercharging Device

H. Zhang, Zh. Guan, Yo. Liu, Yu. Xu, China University of Petroleum(East China), Qingdao


Cased Hole Production Testing with Extended Spacing Wireline Formation Testers

M. Charupa, M. Khaziev, V. Blinov, P. Weinheber, I. Oreshko, Schlumberger; V.H. Goitia, B. Eslami, R. Arnez, Eurotek Yugra


Modeling of Completion Installation That Meets Modern Conditions of Work Performance

O. Zhuravlev, R. Shchelushkin, WORMHOLES; A. Shadsky, ALSTOM Power Stavan; R. Prokopcev, RN-Purneftegaz


TECHNICAL SESSION 12: Search of New Reserves. New in Direction Exploration


Fold Belts: Shall We Expect a Shift in Petroleum Exploration Priorities?

K. Sobornov, Nord-West Ltd.; A. Afanasenkov, VNIGNI; V. Danilov, Scientific Research Institute of natural Gases and Gas Technologies – Gazprom- VNIIGAZ; V. Zhemchugova, GSD; Yu. Volozh, GIN RAN


Paleogeographic Reconstruction and Structural Morphology of Domanik Formation in the Republic Tatarstan

X. Liang, V. Philippov, G. Galushin, IGIRGI 


Features of Tyumen Formation Facial Structures According to the Spectral Decomposition

A. Butorin, R. Zinnurova, Gazpromneft STC


The Chernyshev Swell: Supertrap or Waste Zone?

K. Sobornov, Nord-West; V. Danilov, Scientific Research Institute of natural Gases and Gas Technologies – Gazprom- VNIIGAZ


Current Results of Overlooked Targets Identification in the Fields of the Orenburg Region 

V. Shakirov, D. Deryushev, M. Ivanov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; I. Sereda, Rosneft


Lower Cretaceous Aptian-Albian Formations - New Exploration Play in Shaim Region

R. Akhmetzyanov, D. Sazonenko, A. Makarova, M. Seryakova, V. Goitia, R. Ismagilov, E. Evdokimova, M. Ravilov, Eurotek - Yugra (Repsol)


TECHNICAL SESSION 13: An Integrated Approach to Gas and Gas-Condensate Field Development


Evaluation of Cycling Scenarios for Achimov Formations of Urengoyskoye Gas-Condensate Field

A. Yushkov, P. Merkushin, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center, Rosneft


Integrating Asset Modelling for Strategic Gas Field Development Planning and Short-Term Optimization

А. Mulkamanov, A. Dorofeev, V. Vorobyev, Severneftegazprom; A. Bolshakova, A. Chupeev, R. Sauve, T. Tonkin, J-C. Vernus, Schlumberger 


Improvement of the Well Performance Optimization Methodology based on the Integrated Modeling

S. Bikbulatov, D. Vorobyev, A. Smirnov, I. Mukminiov, S. Romashkin, ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL


Optimising Spacing of Horizontal Wells in Gas and Gas-Condensate Reservoirs

A. Benson Lamidi, C. Dziwornu, National Mineral Resources University; E. Adaze, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals 


Adaptive Approach to Integrated Modeling of Development and Exploitation of Group of Gas-Condensate Fields with a Single Production Gathering and Processing System

P. Vinogradov, E. Sadreev, E. Nugumanov, E. Sergeev, A. Gimazov, BashNIPIneft


Unified Method for the Gas Condensate Field Model History Matching and Prognosis Calculations

T. Turbina, Yu. Filippova, NOVATEK STC