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Young Professionals

SPE will hold traditional special Young Professionals Technical Session at RPTC 2015. SPE invites first- through third-place winners of final step of internal corporate young professional contests* among Russian and Caspian oil and gas and service companies from the 2014–2015 season to speak at this session.

Session Programme

29 October


Information and Analytical System for Prediction of Drilling Fluid Loss

Yu. Lind, A. Samsykin, BashNIPIneft; S. Galeev, Bashkir State University


Polymer Flooding by Hydrophobically Associating Polyacrylamide. (Technology of Preparation. The Study of the Processes of Stability and Degradation)

O. Patokina, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft Branch Office in Perm


4D Seismic for the Filanovsky Field Reservoir Monitoring - Interdisciplinary Earth Models Integration Technique

A. Aristarkhov, LUKOIL-Engineering


Geomechanical Model and Borehole Stability Prediction for One of the Fields of Perm Region

P. Klykov, A. Predein, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft Branch Office in Perm


Introduction of Gas Engines for Driving Gears of Pumping Machines

A. Yakin, RITEK CCI "RITEK-UralOil" Company


Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Blackoil

V. Zubov, Rock Flow Dynamics; I. Indrupsky, OGRI RAS


The Algorithm of Integrated Productivity Forecast for Riphean Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs

E. Smolentcev, A. Kozyaev, RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft


The Application of the Fuzzy Sets Theory for Candidate Wells Selection

A. Kashapov, TomskNIPIneft


Well Logging and Ground Geophysics for Safe Operation of Oil and Gas Fields within Permafrost Area

P. Alekseev, Rospan International


The integrated model as the basis of an i-field

D. Kyrnaev, RITEK


Mud-loss Prognosis According to Section Wellbore Pressure Test

A. Voronin, Orenburgneft


Energy-efficient Natural and Associated Petroleum Gas Dehydration Technology with Composite Adsorbents

K. Konovalova, A. Akhtiamov, A. Kurochkin, Ozna-Engineering


Introduction of Innovative Set for Real-time Process Control Used for Watercut Prediction

M. Pirozhkov, Slavneft


Development and Implementation of Sealing Devices for Re-use Locking Devices without Stopping the Pipeline

A. Vinokurov, D. Frolov, Samaraneftegaz