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Keynote and Panel Sessions

Tuesday, 20 October


Palomino Room

Plenary and Panel Session 1: Competing in a Global Market

This session will focus on the proverbial “elephant in the room”. As Canada continues to develop its massive oil and gas resources, events at the provincial, national, continental and global levels have greatly affected our ability to bring these projects to fruition. From royalty and taxation levels, to infrastructure delays, to global energy prices; all are a direct consequence of geopolitical factors. This issue is now considered to be more problematic than the numerous technical challenges the industry had to overcome to bring this new abundant energy supply to market.

Key presentations by Industry, Academics and Government will explore this issue and provide insights on possible ways forward.



Dr. Jennifer Winter


Dr. Jennifer Winter,

University of Calgary



Keynote Presenter:


The Start of a New Industry: LNG in Canada


Mike Culbert


Mike Culbert,

Progress Energy Canada Ltd.




Geopolitics of Energy & Natural Resources

Dr. Jennifer Winter,

University of Calgary

How Industry Views these Changes

Chris Seasons,

ARC Financial

Positive Energy Initiative

Dr. Monica Gattinger,

University of Ottawa

Shale gas/tight oil research at Natural Resources Canada

Dr. Louise Laverdue,

Natural Resources Canada

Wednesday, 21 October


Palomino C-D

Plenary and Panel Session 2: The Attractiveness of Investing in Western Canada versus Other Jurisdictions

This session will focus on the myriad of ways that Canada’s Unconventional Resource sector attracts the large amounts of capital it requires to grow. The traditional sources of capital, public equity combined with debt, have been supplemented with private equity, foreign equity, joint-ventures, farm-outs, dispositions, and an active M & A sector.

These multiple and innovative methods will be explored by our keynote speakers and a distinguished panel of financial experts. An examination of current and potential future trends will be examined.



Mike Jackson


Mike Jackson,

Scotia Waterous
Scotia Capital Inc.




Private Equity Perspectives on the Canadian Market

Brendan Freeman,



Neal Dikeman,

Shell Technology Ventures

Canadian Energy: Seeking Alpha in Volatile Markets

Robert Lauzon,




Canadian Energy Equity Trends vs. the Broader Stock Market

Derek Wheatley,

Scotia Capital

Capital Allocation:  Focused on Returns

Eric Le Dain,

Enerplus Corp.

A Global Investors Perspective on Western Canada

Jim Reid,

Brookfield Asset Management Inc.


Palomino E-F

Plenary and Panel Session 3: Logistics of Unconventional Resources Development

This session will explore how the unconventional resource industry plans for the numerous logistical issues associated with drilling, completion, and production in these large scale resource plays. Specific topics that have been identified include air usage (CO2 or N2), water management, sand (proppant), infrastructure planning and construction and finally transport of oil or natural gas from lease to market.

With the pending development of a Canadian LNG industry on both the east and west coasts, Canada is well positioned to undertake rapid expansion of unconventional resource development to fuel this new industry, so logistical concerns and critical path management is more important now than ever.

Listen to subject matter experts discuss these issues and how they expect to be able to provide the services necessary to ensure project execution.



Tom Pierce


Tom Pierce,




Keynote Presenter:


Economic Overview of Canadian Upstream Petroleum Industry and Short Term Outlook

David Yager


David Yager,




How to Prosper in a Challenging Unconventional Environment

Murray Reynolds,

Ferus Inc

Challenges & Opportunities of the Western Canadian Proppant Logistics Market

John Hartwick,

Encana Corp.

Total Water Management in Unconventional Resource Development

Ed Pinero,


Thursday, 22 October


Palomino C-D

Plenary and Panel Session 4: Adapting to Change

This session will focus on the new technologies that are emerging as the industry moves towards large scale development of unconventional resources. As new issues arise associated with this shift in oil and gas extraction, new and creative ideas are being implemented and new challenges are being addressed.

From nano-technology to micro-seismic utilization and its usage in induced seismicity analysis and detection, emerging technologies are at the forefront of this shift to tight gas and oil development.

Many of these cutting edge topics will be discussed by leaders in research and development, including industry experts.



David Moore


David Moore,

Enerplus Corp.



Keynote Presenters:

Adapting to Change from the Outside In…or Is It the Other Way Round?

Opportunities to Excel in a Low Commodity Price Environment by Utilizing Existing Technologies and Operational Efficiencies

Dr. Stephen Bryant

John Gorman

Dr. Stephen Bryant,

University of Calgary

John Gorman,




Induced Seismicity Issue: Lessons Learned

Kellen Foreman,

Encana Corp.

Completions Management in the Montney Using In-Situ Rock Failure Diagnostics – Application of Microseismic Moment Tensors

Jim Reimer,

Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.

EOR Strategies for Unconventional Oil – Nanotechnology

Alice Batonyi,

Enerplus Corp


Palomino E-F

Plenary and Panel Session 5: North American Unconventional Resource Plays

This session will be divided into two distinct parts. The two opening keynote speakers will focus on the current areas and levels of activity in both the US and Canadian unconventional resource plays, respectively. The ability to compare and contrast these producing areas, and the plays that are still attracting capital, will provide insight into the most attractive economic plays that are being pursued in this low commodity price environment.

Following these two keynotes will be a panel session that will include several Canadian companies with significant activity in some of the major US unconventional plays. Their perspective should prove fascinating.




Richard Mason


Richard Mason,

Hart Energy


Keynote Presenters:

Current Activity in US Unconventional Plays

Canadian Unconventionals – The Low(er)-Hanging Fruit

Peggy Williams

Kaush Rakhit

Peggy Williams,

Hart Energy Publishing

Kaush Rakhit,

Canadian Discovery Ltd.



Integration of Geochemical and PVT Data to Evaluate Regional and Well-level Performance of Shale Liquid Plays: Examples from the Doig and Halfway Formations of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Dr. John Curtis,

GeoMark Research/

Colorado School of Mines

Drilling and Completion Practices in the Montney

Dave Kelly,


Canbriam Energy