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Technical Programme - Monday, 11 November


Meeting Room M1 & M2

Session 1: Stakeholder Engagement

Session Chairpersons: Bernadette Cullinane, Accenture Australia Ltd.; George Koperna, Advanced Resources Intl.;Mark Pitkin, Beach Energy Ltd.


Peter Stone, CSIRO


How Farmers, Graziers, Miners, and Gas Industry Personnel See their Potential for Co-existence in Rural Queensland
J. Everingham, N. Collins, T. Baumgartl, D. Mulligan, J. Cavaye, D. Rodriguez, S. Vink, W. Rifkin, U. of Queensland


Land, Air, and Water Footprint Reductions Through Technology
C.J. Hackbarth, E.R. Fonseca, B. La Mantia, S. Wong, Shell Intl. E&P Inc.; W. Westwood, Shell Canada Ltd.

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Great Hall 1

Session 2: Unconventional Reservoir Characterisation

Session Chairpersons: Luiz Baez, BG Americas & Global LNG; Claudia Hackbarth, Shell; Nai- Shyong Yeh, BP China E&P


Pat Lasswell, Weatherford Laboratories


Integration of Quantitative Rock Classification with Core-Based Geologic Studies: Improved Regional-Scale Modeling and Efficient Exploration of Tight Shale Plays

S. Marino, Schlumberger; S. Herring, K. Stevens, Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.; Petriello,  Schlumberger; D.A. Handwerger, R. Suarez-Rivera, Schlumberger; Woodruff,  Encana Oil & Gas


A New Approach to Measuring Rock Properties Data from Cores & Cuttings for Reservoir & Completions Characterisation: An Example from the Bakken Formation

G.M. Oliver, Robertson USA - a CGG Company; Ly,  Robertson USA - a CGG Company; G. Spence, Robertson USA - a CGG Company; H. Rael, Ion Geophysical



Waterfloodong in the Eagle Ford Shale Formation: Experimental and Simulation Study

S. Morsy, Texas Tech  U.; J.J. Sheng, M.Y. Soliman, Texas Tech U.


Vitrinite Reflectance Versus Pyrolysis Tmax Data: Assessing Thermal Maturity in Shale Plays with Special Reference to the Duvernay Shale Play of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Alberta, Canada

R.A. Wust, Trican Geological Solutions Ltd.; P.C. Hackley, USGS; B.R. Nassichuk, Trican Geological Solutions Ltd.; N. Willment,  Trican Geological Solutions Ltd.; Brezovski, Trican Geological Solutions Ltd.


Understanding Reservoir Properties through High-Definition Microresistivity Images in Horizontal Shale Oil Wells Drilled with OBM in China

Xie,  SinoPec ShengLi Oilfield Co.; H. Hou, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; Guan,  Schlumberger; R.J. Laronga, Schlumberger;  Xin,  SinoPec ShengLi Oilfield Co.

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Meeting Room M1 & M2

Session 3: Hydraulic Fracture Design & Modelling

Session Chairpersons: Jim McGowen, Halliburton; Rob Jeffrey, CSIRO; Bobby Poe, Schlumberger


Dave Cramer, ConocoPhillips


Executing Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments in Naturally Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs

David Cramer, ConocoPhillips


Effects of High Pressure-Dependent Leakoff (PDL) and High Process-Zone Stress (PZS) on Stimulation Treatments and Production.

M. Ramurthy, Halliburton; B.F. Towler, H.G. Harris, U. of Wyoming; R.D. Barree, Barree & Assocs. LLC. 


Influence of in Situ Stresses on Fracture Stimulation in the Surat Basin, Southeast Queensland 

T. Flottman, Origin Energy Ltd.; S. Brooke-Barnett, R.L. Trubshaw, Origin Energy Ltd; S. Naidu, Origin Energy Resources Ltd.; E. Kirk-Burnnand, Origin Energy Ltd.; P.K. Paul, S. Busetti, P.H. Hennings, ConocoPhillips



Lessons Learned from Engineering Analysis of Fracture Injection Tests from Different CBM Reservoirs

P. Pankaj, M.K. Sinha, R. Venkateshwaran, A. Barasia, Schlumberger


Evaluating Treatment Methods for Enhancing Microfracture Conductivity in Tight Formations

P.D. Nguyen, Halliburton Energy Services Grp; L.K. Vo, Halliburton Energy Services (OK); B.D. Mock, Halliburton ; R.A. Loghry, Halliburton Energy Services Grp.


Physical and Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Initiation and Propagation in Gas Shale

Y. Li, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development-Langfang, CNPC; Y. Wang, Y. Ding, Langfang Branch of RIPED; Wang, Langfang-RIPED

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