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About this Conference

The SPE Asia Pacific Unconventional Resources Conference and Exhibition will be held 9-11 November in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. With the theme, "The New Energy Age: Building on Success", the conference aims to feature advances made in unconventional resource and its importance in the future energy of the Asia Pacific region.

The evolution of unconventional resources has flourished in the Asia Pacific region with the development of large-scale LNG projects underpinned by unconventional gas production. Therefore, it is important to understand the strengths and share lessons learned in the last few years in the areas of unconventional reservoir drilling, completions, stimulation, facilities, and reservoir engineering.  In addition, we need to recognise the differing requirements to North America that exist when planning and developing projects in the Asia Pacific region, specifically in areas of stakeholder, exploration, appraisal, reservoir and project management. This conference will focus on addressing the growing global interest in all unconventional resources and the unique aspects of their planning, development and management in this region.

This conference will provide a unique forum for enabling and emerging technologies in unconventional resources, while providing a critical link between technology developers and practitioners. Specific focus will be given to technology development/deployment, implementation, and innovation case histories in the face of increasing challenges on demand, economics, environmental, and social constraints.