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SPE Logo Policy

Graphics Standard Guide pdf document

FAQs for Sections on Use of SPE Name and Logo pdf document



Email: service@spe.org

Telephone: 1.972.952.9393


SPE Logo Request Form

Only section or chapter officers may request logos.

I am requesting a logo for*:

Please describe in detail how you intend to use the logo (e.g. promote
a meeting, in a newsletter, etc.)*.
Contact name*:
Position or Title*:
Section or Chapter Name:
SPE Chapter Number:
Company or Organization*:
SPE Member Number (if member):
Email address*:

*Required information.

(Please note: if email is not deliverable to this address we have no way to send the logo to you or contact you.)

Type(s) of logos that will be provided

Section/Chapter set Requests from sections and student chapters will be filled with a complete set of logos (all types below) which include the name of the section or chapter.
SPEInt_CMYK.eps This is a high-resolution CMYK “Vector” format logo, which can be used for professional quality, four-color printing.
SPEInt_BW.eps This is a high-resolution black and white “Vector” format logo, which can be used for professional quality printing.
SPEInt_PMS293.eps This is a one-color (Pantone 293 C) logo, to be used for high-quality printing where “spot colors” are required.
SPEInt_RGB.TIF This is a RGB, 300 dpi logo, which can be used in Microsoft Office documents.
SPEInt_web.PNG This is a low-resolution logo, which can be used on a website.

Note: Use of the SPE logo is subject to the Policy on Use of SPE Name and Logo and
SPE Graphics Standards.
pdf document

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