2020 Offshore Technology Conference Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Agreement

This is an Agreement between the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and the Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC) for the EAC to provide services to OTC exhibitors under the EAC Program, which will become a binding agreement if the EAC satisfies all specified criteria of the EAC Program.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Company Information

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Sub Contractors

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Exhibiting Company Information

Certificate of Insurance

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Sign and Accept

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    The individual signing this agreement warrants that he/ she has the authority to bind contractually for the organization serving as an EAC.

    The EAC acknowledges that it has read, understand, and agree to comply with:
  • The EAC Responsibilities, Rules and Regulations governing EACs, and the Photography and Videography policy as listed in the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Manual.
  • All OTC, facility, and labor union rules and regulations as stipulated within the Exhibitor Services Manual.

    The EAC agrees and/or acknowledges:
  • To cooperate fully with OTC Show Management and the Official/Exclusive Contractors for OTC.
  • That it will be denied access to OTC in the event that all specified criteria and documentation are not received by OTC prior to the event.
  • That it is responsible for any and all actions of sub-contractors hired to complete work on the EACs behalf.
  • OTC has the right to deny work authorization at future shows if the EAC fails to comply with any of the above mentioned or place undue burden on the Official Contractors.
  • That it has been contracted by an OTC exhibiting company and that the EAC Agreement they are submitting lists all exhibiting companies they have been contracted by to perform services.
  • To receiving important communications regarding the subject of the EAC Program.

    EAC Photographers:
  • The EAC photographer agrees that he/she will not be a distraction during productions, events, or exhibition while taking photographs, and the EAC acknowledges that SPE/OTC has the right to deny further access if he/she fails to comply.