Disestablishing a Technical Section

SPE International (SPEI) recognizes that a technical section may need to disestablish due to inactivity. This policy outlines the requirements and procedures for technical section disestablishment.

Tt is expected the technical section maintain certain requirements. The technical section will be deemed ‘non-compliant’ for any of the following reasons:

  • The technical section board must meet at least 6 times per year.
  • The technical section must hold at least one meeting of the membership per year.
  • The technical section board must include five officer positions – Chairperson, Program Chairperson, Membership Chairperson, Administrative Chairperson and Online Community Webmaster.

A technical section that is classified as “non-compliant” for two consecutive years may be subject to disestablishment. The staff liaison will canvas the technical section membership for interest in reviving the activities of the section. If unsuccessful, the matter will be referred to the appropriate Technical Director who may wish to endorse the disestablishment of the technical section.
Prior to disestablishment, any existing funds will be allocated to existing commitments (pending events) and remaining funds will be redirected to SPEI.