Payment Options


  • For questions, contact Customer Service at or +1.972.952.9393. 
  • Pay online by credit card in USD »
    SPE accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Diner's Club
  • Currency options and exchange rates
    Select your country from the drop down list below to see alternative payment options. Payments made in currencies SPE does not accept will be returned to the sender.



Additional Options

  • Check or Money Order: Must be from a US Bank with a 9 digit ABA routing number in US dollars only. Checks from non-US banks will be returned as uncollectable.
  • Complete a wire transfer: Contact
  • Pay for a Lifetime membership: The cost of a lifetime membership is 20 times the highest currently applicable dues rate (NOT necessarily the rate currently applicable to you). If you are interested in this option, contact
  • Send a company bulk payment for your employees. Payments must be made before 30 December and your company will need to register. This option helps to alleviate costly bank fees, currency conversions, and processing of employee expense reports. Note: Bulk Dues program participants are exempt from earning the Century Club award.
  • Mail checks to:

Attn: Membership Processing
P.O. Box 833836
Richardson, TX 75083-3836 USA

Dues Waiver

Under certain circumstances, SPE offers a dues waiver for renewing members up to two consecutive years for those facing

  • Disability or unemployment
  • Active military duty
  • Compulsory post-graduation military or social service.

To qualify for a dues waiver, you must:

  • Provide a written request for unemployment or disability, or proof of active military duty or compulsory service.
  • Submit a dues waiver request annually.

    Email, or write to:

Attn: Membership Processing
P.O. Box 833836
Richardson, TX 75083-3836 USA