Director's Blog

March 2018

Dear Industry Colleagues,

Faisal N. Al-NughaimishThe Middle East and North Africa region continues to prove its vital role in supplying the world with energy by both its reliable, sustainable production, and continuous reserves additions. The MENA region contributed majorly to powering the world’s greatest economies and enabled their development with no disruptions. With such significance on our region comes a great responsibility on us to the world. The outlooks from us is to continuously feeding the world economies and remain the most reliable source of energy. To do so, the pipelines of talents and technical knowledge has to continue flowing as it always has in this region to the industry as a whole. 

With that being said, I would like to welcome whoever is joining our robust industry and our unique society, from students, professionals, and volunteers. I guarantee you will all be amazed with yet another astonishing and full of accomplishment term in the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the whole industry.  

Welcome to the students who will be entering the field of petroleum studies. Exemplifying the future is indeed bright with your young talent joining our future workforce. And for those students who are approaching the end of their academic studies and will be joining the oil and gas industry in the professional perspectives. I want to tell; we have one of the strongest collaborative societies among all industries that keeps excelling in knowledge sharing. Thanks to the library, SPE online education, and many others, you can simply find the answer for about almost any question you may have about the industry. Your oil and gas knowledge is simply just about to take a turn into an exponentially uprising learning curve. These ginormous libraries of information are not limited for the young professionals alone, even my fellow specialists and consultants who are exploring the new technologies and innovative techniques, this is the best venue to do so. 

This would not have remained as the most reliable source of technical knowledge and professional networking without the contribution of you my fellow colleagues. That is why we owe SPE the contribution of our time and the knowledge we accumulated along the years. That is why I urge you to carry the badge and contribute to this society to keep the legacy going for many generations to come. 

This prestigious rank that SPE have reached is with thanks to the professionals and students who have dedicated the hours to contribute and keep this legacy going. I assure you the recognition of those volunteers have paid and will continue paying its dividend to the volunteers through their expanded network, personal growth, and awards. I look forward to seeing you in the “League of Volunteers” and honoring many label pins with dedicated volunteers.

Best regards,

Faisal N. Al-Nughaimish
SPE Regional Director
Middle East and North Africa